YouTube launches tool in Stories format and other interesting news for creators

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Who thought all possible applications already had a tool of videos that disappear after 24 hours will be surprised with the latest news from YouTube.

The company  announced on its blog that content producers will have access to a similar tool, called Reels.

The product manager Roy Livne, signing the text, said YouTube has been working with developers to build, test and refine this feature.

He used the announcement to also share the opening of the Community tool for channels with more than 10,000 subscribers.

Opened a year ago, the Community was launched as a tab within the site. The application was a few selected channels the ability to connect with fans adding between one and another upload, polls, photos, text, GIF etc.

YouTube Reels

The main YouTube ad was Reels tool, which work in Stories format, known in apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

The YouTube version, however, is specially designed for those who put videos on the social network .

We understand that you want the flexibility to create multiple reels and do not want them to expire, we will give these options, he said.

Ie the Reels will have some subtle differences from other Stories. Besides the possibility to become available for more than 24 hours, they are also located in a different tab of the channel, so do not get as sight as similar tools from other applications.

You can also link to YouTube videos Stories and add stickers.

youtube reels

Other news from the YouTube Community

YouTube took the opportunity to share some of the possibilities offered by the Community:

  • Engage followers: “Fans love to participate in the creative process of the videos,” says the text. YouTube used as an example the channel Grav3yardgirl , who has used the community to connect with its eight million followers, asking questions about what they prefer to watch on your page.
  • Bring followers backstage: breeders have used the community to generate expectations about new videos and large productions to come. The youtuber Lele Pons , for example, shared a GIF that serves as a trailer of his next video.
  • Be discovered more easily: as in the videos, in the community the idea is to show the right video for the right person. So, YouTube updates made in the way the creators of these videos reach the audience on YouTube. Their most engaged followers can see posts of the Community on the homepage feed, whether they subscribed to your channel or not.
  • School of content creators: to teach how to do all this step by step and show some inspirations, YouTube has launched also free lessons for those who produce videos on the site. Meet here .

youtube reels

These new possibilities are useful for companies that have a YouTube channel because they allow diversifying the content offered.

If the videos you post usually are more serious, such as tutorials or webinars , the Reels tool can be interesting to show the more human side of the company or, like YouTube suggests, to create expectations on the videos to come.

YouTube said to be testing the reels with a limited number of creators while before releasing it to more people.

We are excited to build a community on YouTube and can not wait to find out how much you can grow and engage your audience concludes the product manager .

And you, what do you think of these new? Will wear them on your YouTube channel?