Youtube: 12 Killer SEO Tips for Your Videos

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Today YouTube has more than 1 billion users. Every minute 300 hours of new content are ascents to the network. Half of views via mobile (if your site is not suitable for mobile is good to read this article here ).

Every day people watch hundreds of hours mihões generating billions of views. And your company? It is already taking advantage of the network to leverage your business?

If so, we have prepared 12 tips SEO for Youtube (separated into 3 parts) for you to increase your audience, gain new views and to rank their videos on Youtube.

Also check out some tips on how to optimize your video content on YouTube . The tips are different from video post tips🙂

Optimize your videos

1 – Go up the video focused on your subject

Before climbing your video on your channel, enter the keywords in the file name (eg “SEO tips for Youtube”). This facilitates the understanding of Youtube on what is the main theme of your video.

2 – Create a title

The title is one of the most important points of your video, is it going to inform the search engines that the content being – after all, as well as images, Google does not “read” what is being said in this media.

When creating your title does not exceed 100 characters. Including, where possible, the keywords at the beginning and, if applicable, the name of your business, “SEO tips for Youtube – Digital Results”. Remember, people are looking for solutions on the Internet, only then look for brands.

3 – Include a description

After the title, the description also serves to inform search engines – just like you – on the video content.

But beware: only the first 150 characters of the allowed 5000 will appear in the results on a Google search, for example.

This help is essential to encourage Internet users to understand that you are addressing the issue and he seeks to get you to click on your video.

For each video, write a unique and relevant description, you can also include a URL directing to your site or landing page.

Enter your search keywords and the link at the beginning of the description. As in the title, the first words have a weight greater than the last, so it is good to plan how to fill that space.

Also, when the visitor enters your page and the “show more” is not clicked, the link will always be visible.

4 – Make use of Tags

Use the tags are critical for both the indexes and for those who are in search of a subject on Youtube.

Include keywords to set the video. Be clear and escape complicated or technical language. The idea is to be a simple and straightforward information to the user.

YouTube recommends up to 120 characters (including spacing) in total. That averages about 15 words. For a more accurate search, make use of terms long tail (3 or 4 words). illustrate:

Tip: search tags used in the most viewed videos of your competitors and see the possibility to insert in your videos. Also, keep in mind the idea of ​​creating tags in relation to the title of your video.

5 – Transcribe your video in the description

Transcribe the content of your video and paste the description. This will make people who do not give the “play” to consume their content the same way.

Moreover, this is an opportunity for Google to index your content more quickly and improve your SEO.

Ways to engage the user in your video

6 – Thumbnails

They are still images that appear in your video before play. YouTube removes the “thumbnails” of quarter, half and three quarters of the video. Going up the video you can choose one of the options to make the “hood”.

The thumbnails have a great influence if a video is or is not open to view. Try to leave a cover that sale and its contents, which is attractive and show that your video has the quality expected by the user.

7 – comments video

The idea is to encourage interactivity via comments. To stimulate discussion and participation, keep the option open comments. So, be careful to avoid discussions out of context, spammers and negative or nasty comments.

Try to talk to your audience, insert videos as responses relate or others related to the subject. The more interactive the better.

8 – Share and Embed

Youtube provides sharing for dissemination in various social networks. In the video, you can encourage the user to do this action.

Since the incorporation makes your video can be indexed to blogs and other sites. Take your video for both their URLs as the partners. Remember, always has relevance and create a call to the spread of your video.

Greater disclosure, greater are the chances of your video to be viewed and the greater the chance of ranking on Youtube.

“Like” the video, “Add to Favorites”, “Add to Playlists”, “Links” for the video they are also important factors for ranking and engagement on YouTube.

Give importance to your Channel

9 – Age of the channel and video

The lifetime of both the channel as the video count as ranking factor for YouTube. Generally, the more time there is a video, the greater the chances of having more visualizations, interactivity and, consequently, higher ranking.

If your video is not actually a virus, it is common this type of growth is gradual. Work and spread whenever possible. The result of the hearing will come with time.

10. Video Length

Youtube Analytics field “Audience Retention” measures how long your videos get to keep the audience’s interest.

See where midpoint your audience loses interest and keep an average for new productions. Check what is common at the point of giving up and work your content to make it even better.

11 – Memberships channel

The frequency of new video encourages people to subscribe to your Youtube channel.

Keep a constant production for your audience to understand their frequency uploads and news on the channel. This causes many users increvam and automatically receive their news.

12 – Views of the channel

Google considers more and more important the number of views each video.

Also, the more views, the greater the impression to the user that the video has quality or relevance.

Another point is a better analysis through Youtube Analytics to study the performance of the video and channel.


Videos are a great option to produce content relevant to all stages of the buying journey of a customer – from more comprehensive content to the properly focused on your service or product.

When you begin to invest in videos, your authority over your niche increases and credibility as well. Through this positioning, your content attracts a qualified audience increasing the chances of conversion.