Why your company should use Google Webmaster Tools

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Google Webmaster Tools, now known as Google Search Console is already old acquaintance of the experts in SEO . They know how the tool can be useful in optimizing work.

However, there are still few companies that effectively use the possibilities offered by the platform, especially when those responsible for marketing do not have much technical knowledge about the site.

Anyway, create an account (it’s free) and start using can bring much relevant information for the company. The Webmaster Central shows how Google sees your site and we will highlight here some features that can help you better analyze the results or find opportunities for improvement:

Receive Google alerts

The Google Webmaster Central Google serves as the communication channel with your site administrator.

Identifies any problems in screening, some technology that needs to be updated or even sudden changes happened in website traffic, for example, the tool warns the channel.

This kind of thing can only know there, so this item alone should be enough to convince any company to create an account.

Identify HTML fixes

Tab of “Optimization” there is the item “HTML Improvements. Ali Google indicates things considered flaws in the structure of the site, as Page Title and Meta description duplicate, missing, short or long.

This ends up being a common way also to identify duplicate content, which requires the canonical tag or even a redirect.

Send sitemap xml

We’ve talked here on the blog about the importance of xml sitemap : it helps Google better understand the site ensures that all the pages can be tracked, to indicate the tracking priority of each page and even pass a positive sign of concern about site maintenance.

To submit the sitemap to Google you must use the Webmaster Tools and display optimization tab under “Sitemaps”.

Identify new links

If your company is investing in content to get more links, the Webmaster Central is a great way to identify if these links are coming.

Nothing better than Google itself indicate which links to your site it tracked. This information is on the tab traffic as “Links to your site”.

Discover search terms that have exhibited the site as a result

We’ve talked about this one little feature when writing about the term (not provided) that appears in the Web Analytics reports.

Google shows every time that your site appears as a result of each term. This allows us to identify what is already performing well and mainly see opportunities to terms that already appear but are not yet optimized and could get a lot more traffic.

Many others

There are several other very interesting possibilities in Webmaster Central.

They are available: pages with more internal links, traces errors, ability to communicate domain migration, among others.

Anyway, the Webmaster Central is obligatory presence for any business that invests and worry about digital marketing . It create the account and explore all possibilities.