Why Should I Promote My Business With SEO?

What Is A Keyword And Its Type?
How Many Types Of Backlinks Are In An SEO?

What is SEO and why should it matter in your business?

Surely one of the first things you look for when you have a website is that when someone searches for your service or product in the search engine, you are the first option that appears in the search result, right? Well, we can achieve this with a good SEO on your website. Today we will learn what SEO is and the importance for your business.

Definition of SEO

The word SEO comes from the acronym Search Engine Optimization or what is the same “search engine optimization” and refers to achieving the first positions of organic search (unpaid) in the search engine based on the optimization of the site or web page that seeks to position.

In this example we can see that our site appears in first position, in ninth and tenth when we look for a keyword (KW) related to our service, we do not pay for it, it is organic and we achieve it based on the optimization of our website. Sponsored links (SEM) are also present at the beginning and end of the page.

With SEO we seek to be in the top positions without paying for it (at least in the medium or long term) and we can find two main types of SEO: SEO ON-SITE and SEO OFF-SITE.

  • SEO ON-SITE : It refers to the internal factors of the site, the density of keywords, the code, loading speed, the internal linking images and some other factors.
  • SEO OFF-SITE : Are the external factors that have to do with your website, links from other sites to yours, presence in social networks, CTR (the times you click on your page in the search engine) but most importantly, or at least we assume, are the quality and the number of links to your page

Although no one knows for sure all the factors involved in SEO can intuit them based on the guidelines of google , experiments, the seo community and our own experience.

Why is SEO important in your strategy?

To better understand why it is important for your business SEO we are going to put it with an example, suppose that you offer rental of inflatable games in your city, for this example let’s say Oaxaca.

You have 2 options: pay to appear first when someone writes the keyword (SEM ADWORDS) which would imply a short-term investment between $ 2.89 and $ 4.52 pesos per click, but do not be fooled by this apparent offer as the budget in AdWords is going as Water.

And the second option to opt for SEO to appear in the first positions without paying, let’s see how this term is in real life.

Here we see that the first place is taken by the LOCAL SEO , that location map highlights the company Tutti Frutti who is also paying SEM and also appears in 4 place, which indicates that it is a company that is betting on marketing digital and is occupying 3 positions on the first page.

Keep analyzing, we have in first position Saltitos with a free domain tl, although the site does not have the best design of it and surely was not optimized in SEO has managed to sneak in first position, it must have a high CTR, possibly it has antiquity and Although it has the basic semantics to position itself, we do not know if it is generating sales, my bet is that if it is doing it, I do not like Tutti Frutti surely.

In the other positions appear ad portals that could also take advantage to position each one their brands.

With this example we see that if you have a solid SEO positioning strategy you can save some money that could be used for something else, here Tutti’s friends should bet on improving the design of their page, make it responsive and improve SEO. to appear before anyone else.

In case someone from this inflatable niche reads us I leave you an interesting capture of the monthly searches for this term that you do with one of our powerful SEO tools.

In short, a search engine first TRACKS YOUR SITE, if it is correctly prepared it will give you a “score” (or page rank, yes, it still exists) then INDEX your site to SHOW it depending on the searches requested by the user.

1st reasons why to use an SEO strategy

  • Your business trends can compete against the big ones in the style of David and Goliath without a large investment in advertising.
  • SEO can attract customers for you, by appearing first in the search engine positions you can take more traffic to your CTA that can lead to sales.
  • You can bet on an infinity of keywords to position yourself, of course, as long as they are relevant to your sector.
  • The SEO of your website can be subcontracted, it is not required that you do everything.
  • It is more profitable, for years it has been shown that investing in good SEO can bring you better long-term benefits than using SEM in the short term.
  • Most companies in MEXICO still do not use SEO in their strategy, but beware, this will change very soon and you’d better be prepared.
  • The SEO attracts qualified traffic if a full keyword research is done, it is not intuitive and obvious, we are talking about attention to detail in keywords long (long tails)
  • You can build your brand based entirely on SEO, by using different sources of traffic, content and strategies you can grow sustained for the long term.
  • It will help people find your web page easily.
  • SEO is not a profitable investment with tangible results.

Finally, it must be said that SEO is not magical and must be done consciously, it implies a deep study of the niche, create a strategy and invest time.