Why SEO is the job of Marketers, not just programmers

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Rarely CEOs, directors or even the marketing team have technical knowledge of programming. Most of these people do not make much sense of how a website is built and would rather not know. For this reason, end up leaving the optimization for search engines ( SEO ) in the hands of site developers (and outsourced), waiting for them to do this work well.

The problem, however, is that this work depends much more of a marketing direction of these people tend to believe. In this post we explain because a marketer must actively participate in the optimizations:

The marketer usually best know the business, its objectives and customer language

It is impossible to be in the first positions of Google for all types of search. Good optimization work is focused on choosing keywords (keywords) that are important to the business. Do well these choices depends on market experience and knowledge / customer contact.

Do not expect the developer know what those keywords. It is the responsibility of Marketing.

(hint: the areas of Sales and Business Support can also help a
lot here)

Optimization in the code (on-page SEO) is very little, which makes no difference is content

According to estimates of SEOmoz , the authority of the domain and the specific page – mainly measured by links and shares on social media – are the main factors currently rankeamento. Next comes how much the page and the domain using the desired keywords.

This tells us that the main work of someone who is doing SEO is to create great content on keywords, using them in the title and throughout the text, and get links to such content.

Obviously, this type of task has nothing to do with programming: depends much more on the quality of content and the company’s relationships than anything else. So, again, the responsibility is marketing.

When doing SEO marketers have is risky

As obvious as it may seem, the big risk of doing SEO marketers is exactly what they do not understand SEO.

It is very common for people who work in marketing thinking and end up producing content for its “creative” ideas, but no one actually looking for it on Google.

Another problem is not knowing the basics of how a website works and how Google reads the content. Every marketer should understand the basic SEO , meet minimal HTML, know what page title, headings, description, alt.

Serve as encouragement, I have training in management and zero programming experience. Still, it was not very difficult to understand the base. It is simpler than it seems.

Why the developer is still very important in optimization

Despite everything we have said, the developer is still very important in the process. First because it is usually maybe put your hands dirty, put on the site what was determined by the marketer.

Then because there are still many aspects of optimization beyond the marketing knowledge. It is important, in Google’s view, companies have fast, stable sites with well-written codes and no duplicate content. It also facilitates the sending of a sitemap in Webmaster Central and the correction of errors there pointed out. In all of these items, hardly an able marketer do the job alone.