Why post videos on your Facebook page

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Periodically, the Facebook algorithm is changed, and the way we communicate through this social network also ends up being naturally changed.

If you make a mental retrospect, you realize that videos were gradually taking over the news feeds. And that every passing moment, more brands and companies use audiovisual to engage your audience.

The growth in the use and format of the range is clear. Thus, it is highly recommended that if you have a fanpage, learn how to post videos on Facebook.

In addition, we also explore in this post about how important knowing how to analyze the data from the posted videos, what are the reasons to use this format and also some tricks so you can post videos effectively. See below.

Videos have higher organic range than other forms of publication

It is already found that the publications on video are not only having the longest range of all other forms, as well as the greater engagement and growth.

A study by Facebook itself , in January 2015, found that the social network users around the world are posting videos 75% more compared to the twelve months prior to the survey. In the United States, the percentage can be higher, reaching 94%.

Walking beside this sudden increase in uploads from users, also is a significant escalation in the number of views. In the same period of the survey, it was found that videos were, in general, viewed 360% more often in the news feed than in the previous year. And that 50% of active Facebook users watch at least one video per day on the network.

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Why publish videos on Facebook?

Facebook considers the video a more universal language than other forms of sharing, such as links, text and images. This assumption, together with the facility which is now recording a video on a smartphone, upload, and moments later publish it in the feed, has been essential to the format of the growth in the network. Post videos on Facebook by mobile phone is simple and very intuitive, just record and share.

The good performance of the videos are also critical for users to watch more and more natives videos on Facebook, without having to leave to another streaming service, such as YouTube (still the world’s largest in the segment), for example.

Some features that make the videos on Facebook are easy to be viewed are:


A very controversial feature in recent years and that in Facebook, has worked. This is because, even if the videos start automatically rotate in the feed, the volume is only triggered if no user interaction.

Thus, the videos run alone, but muted. If the user is interested in and click on the video, the volume is turned on. The autoplay feature on mute works as a kind of bait for the user to actually click on the video and watch more closely, without giving “that scare” you start listening to a sound and not know where you coming from.


With the growing number of uploads, a huge library of videos is being hosted by Facebook. This factor has opened the door for suggested videos began to appear after the views, something very similar to Youtube.

Thus, a native post video directly on Facebook can bring to your new page visitors.

Note that when you interact with some video in the feed, it will appear below a content called “Suggested Videos”. Are all videos hosted on Facebook itself.

Incorporation into external sites

The videos that are posted directly on Facebook do not necessarily have in the social network, their unique way of viewing.

This is because, just like Youtube, Facebook allows videos to be embedded – or embedados – on other sites, as you can see on an example in the next section.

Copyright protection

Another very sensitive issue refers to videos that are copyrighted and are disseminated without authorization in networks. Something that is also quite common on YouTube and is being developed with a larger force also on Facebook.

The idea is that Facebook values ​​increasingly productions copyright and not merely showing videos of other authors.

This detail is important for anyone thinking of starting to produce videos to Facebook. Think if it is worth simply copy and reproduce others productions (with the risk of being erased in the future) or whether it is better to invest a little more time own productions.

Comparison links X Digital videos in results

Here at Digital Results often we work with the use of videos on our Facebook page.

We produce audiovisual content for various purposes such as to promote Digital Marketing , or to create video calls to our new blog posts .

The result has been satisfactory. In addition to creating a closeness with the audience, bringing the perpetrators to talk on camera, we also noticed an increase in two important metrics: organic reach and engagement rate.

Basically, we share our news blog through links and videos, the latter being a very recent new format.

Therefore, we compared the last 10 posts links to the latest 10 video. In result, we observe an increase of 66% in the organic range and 90% in the engagement rate for publications on video .

This result confirms the thesis that it is the video that is more for high today on Facebook.

How to publish a video on Facebook

Ok, we have already seen how to publish quality videos can increase engagement and organic reach on Facebook. Now, how to do this the right way?

At the line of the page that you manage time, change the “status” to “photo / video” and upload a video in any folder on your computer.

The publishing panel, you can make a description, add a title, choose a category and create a call to action, which is nothing more than the creation of a link at the end of the video to an external page that can be for a purchase, reserve, or download more information.

In the tab “advanced”, you can modify the video distribution options. You can make the video will not appear in the news feed or is not allowed to be incorporated into external pages, limiting your viewing only within Facebook.

The method is almost identical in the mobile version. For best performance, it is recommended to perform the action by the Page Manager application. And to upload just click on “Video” below the logo page, and select the file in the folder of your device.

Analyzing the data of a publication on video

In addition to producing and posting relevant videos, it is also very valuable that an analysis of your data is made. That is, how many people were reached, how many viewed, what is the average length of viewing how many clicks to play and how many clicks on the links publication had.

Knowing these statistics you can do a reading about how you are publishing your videos. If they are paying off or if you need to rephrase the language.

The information guide, the statistics of your Facebook page, has an understeer focused only on data related to the videos posted.

  • The first graph refers to the total views of your videos, or the number of times the videos of your page are displayed for 3 seconds or more;
  • The second graph refers to more than 30 seconds views, or in the case of a video having a shorter says when people see 97% of it;
  • And below is the Top Videos section, where you can individually analyze what was the scope, the number of views and the average completion rate.

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Bonus: 8 ways to use the videos in your favor on your Facebook page

You may have noticed, and certain parts have to find all very seductive, as post videos on Facebook is no longer a matter of the future but of the present.

Along with the popularity of videos comes a responsibility. After all, how to stand out among many other producers of audiovisual content?

Thinking about this problem, leave 6 tips for you to make the most of the videos you publish on your page.

1 – Educate / Inspire / fun / Tell

What is your business and what is the way in which your product / service is targeted to people? Educational way, inspiring, humorous, informative? Transpose your traditional language for your videos.

Also important is that you do not create vague materials only intended to “increase the range.” It is not how it works. Be specific and go towards your audience.

2 – Add a featured video

When you publish more than one video on your fanpage, you will realize that they are ordered by date in the “Videos” tab.

Mark a video highlight is a way of choosing the best video, or more relevant, or the main video page, or a video you want to highlight, as the name suggests.

We use this feature in the Digital Results page. Thus, the highlight is the video chosen by the administrator and the currently most relevant. Example:

video highlighted rd summit


3 – Use the call to action “Watch Video”

The call to action button is a smart way to emphasize a service or product that your page is promoting. And among the many calls for action available, one of them is “Watch Video”.

Speaking of call to action, check out other tips on how to use the function with effectiveness

The creation of this call to action is highly recommended if you have a video keynote presentation for an event, service or product.

4 – Embed videos on blogs or websites posts

One way to increase the range of a video is to embed it in a post. By doing this, the views of this video, outside of Facebook, add up to those obtained from the network news feed or timeline’s own Fan Page.

To perform the action, just open the video and “Options” choose “Embed Video” and “Embed Publication”. In the first case, only the video will be embedded in the post, and the second, the entire publication will be copied, which includes the above description of the video.

5 – Create a playlist

If your page creates several videos, one option to facilitate the classification of files is to create playlists. That way, your videos are organized by lists on the “videos” of your page, making the experience of its visitors while browsing.

6 – Customize the thumbnail

You can add a custom image to the video thumbnail. This action is very important, because the image is the cover of the video when it is not running.

7 – Be brief

long videos usually do not work very well on Facebook. Let the most extensive productions to publish on another platform (Youtube, Vimeo, etc) or embed on your website. Be objective. On Facebook, two minutes – or less – is enough.

8 – Be professional

It is true that everyone can record a video and publish on Facebook, but excluding exceptional cases, it is the professionalism that will separate the wheat from the chaff in the feeds of users.

To be professional, you do not need a super investment in high-tech equipment. Just be aware of the lighting, the framing, the narrative and sound. Be professional, in this case, it means thinking before recording the video and be connected to every detail.

Of course, the better the equipment, the easier it is to drive the video so that it has a good quality, and an auxiliary microphone is always a good thing. But the key in this regard are the people who are behind – or ahead of – the cameras.

For a long time, it was discussed on the preferred format of Facebook, which generally ranged from photos, links and status. At the moment, we have the proven answer: it is by far the format video. Now it depends on who is producing these videos take this advantage to continue growing and keeping in touch with your audience on Facebook.

Given that organic range has diminished greatly since the advent of Facebook Ads, use creativity and the right tools is crucial to maintain engagement with the public.