Why it’s not worth copying third-party content

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Companies that follow good practices producing content is essential for good results online .

The problem is that this task is not easy. You have to make time, have good written and well know the business and the market. It is also recommended some knowledge of SEO .

As some companies have limited resources, it is common to look for simpler ways to solve the problem. So (re) publish third party content on the blog has appeared as an option in many cases.

However, our opinion is that often not be worth doing it. We explain the reasons here:

Your company wants to take over the position of authority, not delegate this position to third

One of the main benefits of content production is to achieve a position of authority and reference on the market. Producing content is to show all the time how much you know of the subject is to give samples to the potential customer that your company has a history in the area, knows their problems and knows how to solve them.

This factor is very important to build trust before the sale itself, mainly for B2B business.

We have already cited this example in another post, but it is worth repeating here:

If you dependesse of alguém for preparar one ótimo jantar, quem seria your contratado: Jamie Oliver, that põe the mão in massa and conta their segredos or the Angélica, that takes convidados for prepararem one prato in your programa?

Copy third-party content can harm your organic searches

A blog should be one of the main ways to attract organic visits to the website of your company. This is because the various posts let you explore a greater range of keywords and content attractiveness tends to attract more links.

When your company copies only third-party content, however, the blog starts to hurt more than help. That’s because Google, with the famous Panda Update, started to penalize sites that copy instead of creating content itself.

We have a post where we give more tips on how to create quality content for Google .

Publishing third-party content without losing the benefits cited

If your company has seen the contents of someone who really caught the attention and deserves to be mentioned, there are ways to promote it.

One is indicating content in the accounts of your company in social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

You own blog, there are two good possibilities. It is a quote from the link in the middle of a post when it is mentioned. Another is if the topic is of material fact, write a post on the other post.

In this case your company can use the content as follows:

“This week, the XYZ published a very interesting post on ….

What caught our attention was ….

Although our market experience indicate that this was common, we did not know the actual number …. “

Notice how this is different from a simple copy. Even referencing and based on someone’s content, it’s a whole new text, which takes into account the experience and unique interpretation of your company. There is a gain value.

It is a different situation from what we think should never be done: copy the full content and mostly fail to give credit to the author.