Why it is important to measure the ranking of keywords in SEO

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The practice of measuring the ranking of a list of keywords in Google has been widely criticized by experts in SEO .

The main claim is to be a very simple metric that serves much more for vanity than as measurement results themselves. There is information such as traffic volume and especially conversions that are much more important.

We not even disagree with the value of measuring traffic and conversions, something we consider essential, but we believe that accompany the ranking is far from offering no value.

In this post I will explain a little better because it should be done:

Choice of investments

Suppose your company has received an invitation to write a guest post . What keywords should be explored on the links in the text?

A word in which your company already occupies the 11th position, about to enter the first page, can have a much higher priority than another that is on the 70th, far from achieving a good ranking. Or even for one that is in the 1st, where it is not necessary to continue rising.

Keywords panel on the RD Station

It’s the kind of decision to have the ranking information can have a direct impact on the company’s choices.

track progress

In theory, track traffic by keyword would be enough to see which terms are growing and contributing more to the company and which are falling. It is one way to measure how much investment in Link Building fact have been converted to gains for the company.

However, this type of analysis is incomplete and leaves some important things aside, as it takes into account only the terms that your company is already well positioned.

If your company takes a term from 80th position to 11th, for example, hardly feel concrete results (the overwhelming majority of clicks is on the first page). However, this does not mean that the work was in vain or that the investment was wasted. On the contrary, if the company continues at this pace, probably will soon reach the top positions and could reap the results.

Variation of keywords in the RD Station

Another major problem is that there is some time left Google to provide the source keyword all users who were logged in with a Google account. And the number of users grows considerably under these conditions.

In February 2012, the percentage of visits to our blog whose search term was not displayed by Google was less than 4.5%.

Only one year later, the (not provided) already this month in 55% of our accesses via organic search.

Under these conditions, it is much more difficult and unreliable to measure the evolution of a term is only analyze traffic and conversions. The ranking comes as a complementary alternative.

Identify algorithm changes

All right, if you are in the top positions for various terms and could be affected by a change in algorithm will quickly notice the drop in traffic and conversions and find that there is a problem.

The issue is that when your business is investing in content but still has a high authority, many of the terms will be in intermediate positions in the ranking. Staying in the 2nd or 3rd page of results of a search is not enough to get traffic, but it’s a part of the optimization path.

However, if an algorithm update takes the company to fall to the 8th page, you will not feel real differences, since there was no traffic and still not there. However, it is relevant information in the optimization work and may require a course correction.

Again here the ranking can be helpful.

important Precautions

Come first for a certain keyword does not guarantee anything. The ranking is not an end goal or even ROI metrics that we defend must be Leads and sales. However, it is a useful indicator to guide optimizations and evaluate the effect of efforts on page optimization and link building .

It is also dangerous to consider the ranking as something stable and make accurate predictions of traffic based on that. The search results are increasingly personalized and monitoring of the ranking will show the Keyword position for only one user at a single time. Think of them as an overall average, a point of support that has its value but it is not 100% accurate.