Why is SEO so important nowadays?

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Why is SEO important?

What is SEO?

SEO is an English term meaning Search Engine Optimization , which is search engine optimization. This includes all the techniques for a website to appear in the results.Sometimes complex process and grouping many methods, we dwell on it below. The goal of this optimization is to have a better positioning, an optimal SEO. There is also a paid search engine, called SEA (Search Engine Advertising). We will devote an article soon.

Why is it important?

A well referenced site is a site that will appear at the top of search results in search engines. Mainly on Google that achieves more than 95% of the results.

The interest of a good SEO is self-evident: the more I appear in research, the more I will use my services.

How does it work?

Being on Google requires no knowledge. In principle, the search engine will do its job and find you alone.

Only, if your sector is very competitive, you will not be the only company to want to be in the top of the results.
It will be to stand out from others by carefully choosing the keywords that Google will find relevant.

These keywords should be the result of an analysis of the needs and research of your customers on Google.
You really have to think like a user and wonder what request the user would type in the search engine to find you.

The keywords and then?

Let’s distinguish two levels: semantic and technical Semantics

It is important that your texts are rich in vocabulary but also in content. The text must be of quality without which Google can penalize you. It can for example, locate a plagiarism. No need to copy and paste the texts of a competitor who is in pole position in research.

The technique

This part is reserved for connoisseurs; it requires in-depth knowledge of HTML and website building.

Without going into details, it will optimize its code, the architecture of the site, the internal mesh, etc. We can also indicate the importance of building links (netlinking or linkbuilding).

The more links to our site on other sites, the more it will be noticed by Google. Again, it will depend on the quality of the site that will bear our reference.

What does Online offer?

As you can see, SEO is a matter of experts.

At Online, we support you to optimize your positioning as much as possible. We write basic content that we optimize by placing key words to give our customers maximum chances to be well positioned.

Our copywriting specialists create personalized and adapted content for the web. These contents are optimized for you to have a good positioning.