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The Importance Of SEO In eCommerce

A good web positioning is fundamental to increase the traffic of visits to our electronic commerce and increase the conversion to sales

When a company ventures to start in electronic commerce must take into account one of the most important aspects: SEO . Positioning in the network is essential for a company, especially when it begins to take the first steps. And sometimes SEO is even more important in search engines than the publication of ads on social networks.

The use of Google as a search engine remains the first resource used by consumers when they need to find a product. You just have to see the amount of related ads that appear in the searches to know that the search engine is an important piece for eCommerce . A good SEO can push buyers to our online store if it appears in the top positions of a search.

Some years ago it was much easier to appear in the first searches of Google, but now, with its algorithm continuously classifying the content and distinguishing between the bad and the good, it is more complicated to make a gap between the top positions.

Advantages of SEO

First, the use of SEO increases the organic traffic to our eCommerce , which means that users who visit us will be increased through the results obtained in the search engines and not through advertising.

It is important that our website has quality content because it will gradually gain positions in the Google lists, since it indexes the content and places the pages first if they match the search made by the user. It is normal that at first an eCommerce does not appear on the first page of search, but if the content is improved, little by little, it can be scaled up.

On the other hand, SEO encourages the increase in sales of our eCommerce since, by increasing traffic to our website, consequently, transactions should be increased. In this way, the increase in sales would occur without having invested in advertising, which is highly positive to achieve results without having to repair expenses.

Anyway, it is important to create original and attractive content, different from the rest of the pages of the competition so that Google stands out above the others.

Web positioning errors

There are many mistakes that are made when making the positioning of our website. Citizen 2.0 collects us the most common errors in the SEO of eCommerce .

  1. Bad browsing and indexing of the web : many pages make the mistake of not segmenting their content well by categories, which makes it difficult for the user to find a product and, therefore, manages to lose it on the way. It is essential that there is an internal search engine to improve this problem. The better the web is categorized, the better content we will have and the better positioning.
  2. Repeated content with competitors sites: One of the most typical is this, because we tend to copy the description of a product that the manufacturer gives us and can be repeated in other websites of the competition. We must create a unique description to improve our SEO.
  3. Use the keywords incorrectly . Few electronic stores previously measure the keywords and do not carry out their correct optimization. Many do it from the name of the family of products and do not realize the combinations that do generate traffic and conversion. In addition to the titles and contents of each of the categories and tokens, a good description is important and the CTR would be improved.
  4. Lack of images The consumer can not access the product that we offer through eCommerce, so it is imperative that we include quality images to bring the product to the customer. If the ALT label is included in them, with a small descriptive text, we will improve the organic positioning.
  5. Do not use social networks as valuations. The pages of electronic commerce that do not use their social networks to value their transactions will be failing in one aspect of improving their SEO. It is necessary to integrate resources in the websites so that customers can comment through their social networks about our online store. But do not take social networks randomly, but those in which you can better enhance our product and give a greater visual impact to increase the conversion to sales.
  6. Do not create trust: If we have a website and we do not have confidence in the platform we have created, we will not awaken consumer confidence and, therefore, we will not achieve a social impact among our potential customers. The company will lose an opportunity to increase branding and end up not selling products.

Improve positioning

Apart from not falling into these errors, it is essential to take into account certain aspects that help us improve our positioning in the network.

  1. Link with related products. If we add links to redirect the consumer to other related products, we will be improving the content provided and, therefore, we will win whole so that Google can place us among the top positions.
  2. Available on several platforms. To this day, many people surf from their smartphones and tablets. It is necessary to create content for these devices and make navigation easier and, therefore, the positioning of our website.
  3. Add custom data If, in addition to the descriptions, you resort to a table where the technical specifications appear, you will gain rich and differentiated content from the competition.
  4. Load speed When you have a very slow web at the time of opening and it must support the load many frames and other elements, the user tends to leave our site. The less time it takes to load, the less Google will take to go through it and evaluate it to position it.

Put these tips into practice and do not miss the opportunity to relaunch your eCommerce.