Why Every Digital Marketing Professional Must Learn to Program the Basics

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We have the custom to say here in Digital results that the employee seniority goes in dog years, and we believe the same goes for Digital Marketing .

The Digital Marketing constantly undergoes many changes we are all tired of knowledge. Similarly, we know that this rapid evolution may hinder rather our actions. After all, these changes are made both by the evolution of user behavior, which changes the way they interact and perceive the sites, social networks and software, as the reaction to these new behaviors of the main tools we use, like Google and Facebook.

In this scenario, the certainty we have is that this struggle for adaptation will not end, and that league is run points. That is, our processes, our tools and our teams must constantly adapt. What works today to analyze the results of a campaign can not work next week, and that now causes a good user experience can be aggressive or inconvenient next month.

In this process of adaptation, a strategy is always valid: many surveys, experiments and analyzes. And only then, from these analyzes, to update our knowledge, beliefs and processes.

caused problems for that context

Given these strategies agreed between the team, got into the problem of how to operate campaigns and actions, how to collect data and how to analyze everything as agile as possible

We can say that the fastest way to do so is to use tools available in the market. We do not claim it for we offer a tool for solutions of many problems in marketing , but really believe that hiring a tool is the most interesting choice when we consider all the implications of making something out.

We even have a list of tools that we use and recommend the eBook “Digital Marketing Tools”, available for free download here .

At that time come hundreds of tools that solve thousands of problems too eficiênca, taking advantage of the accumulated know-how of each company offering the solution.

No doubt these tools solve the main difficulties encountered in the industry and the vast majority of the specific difficulties of business segments.

But still, we know that every business has its differential, his personality, and these traits may have specific needs, requiring a different standard report, a different functionality than expected. You may want to not only change the color of a button. You may want to change the shape.

In many cases, there is the alternative to solve the problem through manual labor, as in the case of reports of extraction, where we can simply collect “by hand” every necessary information and compile it into a spreadsheet. We do this quite frequently here in the DR. But depending on the volume of data, this activity may take much longer than if it were done in an automated manner.

Or perhaps there is even a tool that solves your problem, doing exactly what your company needs, but if you depend on it will end up with a list of contracted larger tools than your customer list.

Then we have the following problems caused by over-used tools:

  • High cost;
  • Difficulty of managing many tools;
  • spread data for analysis;
  • Possibility there is no solution available on the market.

Solution to the problem

Given these problems faced, what I want to with the title of this post is to convince you that, with a basic knowledge of programming, the marketer becomes much more flexible to perform their actions with independence and good alignment with the specific objectives of company.

I’m not saying that we, marketers, must attend a college science or computer engineering. As they say, today’s schedule is English yesterday.

We know that knowledge in programming has become increasingly a basic and essential requirement, with a community that offers greatly facilitated knowledge and digested in thousands of free courses and hundreds of educational platforms.

Ie, do not miss the opportunity to learn.

What is essential?

Program is to have the computer do what you want. These orders are given through languages, and the web environment the main languages ​​are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is the language used to create websites with tags tags to categorize each text. Besides the importance to structure the content of your site such language is quite relevant to the search engines, which makes it very important for SEO optimization.

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Syle Sheet, which is a list of styles to be applied to HTML elements. If HTML is the skeleton of a web page, CSS fills the body, beautifying the page and optimizing user interactions with the site.

But we know that the web operation is not limited to only display text and images in your browser, also involves performing tasks intelligently. This part of the website is developed with the JavaScript language, which represent parallel conectivity that the brain of the page. Such language sends information to other places, make changes to the page in real time and can interact with the visitor.

A basic knowledge of JavaScript is to understand how the instructions are given activities, such as working variables, arithmetic and logical operators, conditional use and repeat functions. Finally, a breakthrough in that it is able to work with APIs.

Where to learn?

It has a lot of content on the web and it is not here to stay listing many options because I believe that research on these types of sites will be a constant practice of those who follow this path.

But anyway, the site W3Schools offers a broad knowledge of these languages, with dozens of interactive examples and good detail of each setting and function. For more ordered and didactic courses, I recommend the Codecademy .

What can be done in marketing with a basic knowledge of programming?

1 – Reports Google Drive

Our media report is paid done on a worksheet in Spreadsheet which uses proprietary script Google Apps, Apps Script, language very similar to JavaScript.

The great advantage of this language is that it already has integration with other Google services such as Google Analytics and Spreadsheets.

This report consolidates all our campaigns Adwords, FacebookAds and AdRoll in conjunction with Google Analytics data to calculate the results. Still we grouped our campaigns according to the stage of the funnel offer daily informing the cost for Lead each step.

2 – Web Scrapping

With an understanding of how a page is structured, we may collect some interesting information programmatically.

A classic example is to use it with Google itself: with a list of keywords, list the first 10 sites rankeados by the seeker and their respective titles and meta description for each keyword.

Or, you can go to the site of some Association of Companies of your target audience and list all the sites of affiliated companies, possibly also listing emails and phones.

3 – Experiments via Tag Manager

Sometimes we encounter difficulties in performing experiments with tools for “How to use Google Tag Manager” , showing some tool usability tips.

In this example, we use it to change the page by inserting a tag with a custom script on the page. This script selects the elements that we want to modify and make the text changes, style, or even add new elements on the page, like this popup .


Here in our team already we consider ourselves pretty much dependent on the schedule. And I think none of us would not recommend other team this feature.

I hope I have convinced you that this learning is essential and will be more and more over the years. Here are just some of the endless possibilities of optimizations that can be made to the schedule in Digital Marketing , and we are always looking for new ideas.

And you have some nice example of miraculous use programming as a marketer?