Why does not a perfect landing page exist? Learn more with Pablo Penadés’ tips at Studio RD Summit

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If you ever wondered what the ideal size of a form, which is the best color for a button or text size ideal for your Landing Page , know that the marketing director for Unbounce in Spanish , Pablo Penades, of course to say that none of this exists. “It’s like we’re delivering the same Landing Page for everybody , ” he says.

He compares the pages aimed at conversion to a conversation between two people. Depending on the involved, dialogue is different. That is, the definitions of the components of your Landing Page also depend on your goal.

A form with fewer fields, for example, reduces friction because it is quick to fill. On the other hand, a long form helps eliminate Leads that do not matter. Pablo Penades, the way is to test to see what works best for you.

Marketing is not an exact science, so you have to consider many things. You have to prove and test, but not with a random method. It has to be skeptical and ask yourself, ‘Why am changing it?’

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