Why Do We Need Long Tail Keyword For SEO?

How many types of keywords are there in SEO?
What Are Keywords And Why Are They Important?

What is long tail SEO? And why you should apply it

If we talk about optimizing the conversion of a website, we talk about SEO. By touching the SEO is referring, necessarily, to the keywords that position you. And the keywords open the way to a new world that you may already know: Do you know what is long tail SEO?

You see, as responsible for intelligent marketing you will have launched several techniques to position your website among the top positions of Google .

But unfortunately the competition is such that to stand out among the main search engines you have to work hard. Or at least be aware of disciplines that require more effort. Especially because although it seems complicated, the key is to know how to squeeze your resources.

The value of the keywords

And, for that reason, knowing what is long tail SEO is so important. Because it delves into one of the most important elements of the SEO world: keywords

Analyzing keywords is the basis on which your SEO strategy is built . In fact, one of the most common mistakes is to choose the keywords that you think can work and validate them without verifying that this is really true.

Giving that precision when analyzing the type of content the user is looking for is vital.

Think about it, what if you are attracting an audience that has nothing to do with your target? Will it have been worth all your effort?

You may have positioned yourself with some wrong keywords. Although it is also possible that these keywords have so much competition that you can not climb to the top of the search engines. In other words: you are invisible in the eyes of your target audience. And that is the reason why you never find your website.

The best advice you can take to choose the best keywords is to bet on the longtail. That is, apply keywords much more specific than usual.

And it has all its logic.

Using niche keywords will guarantee you’ll be struggling with much less competition. And in addition, you will make sure that the users who visit you are 100% interested in what you show. That is, you will receive quality traffic.

What is long tail SEO?

The long tail SEO is detail, precision, concretion. And the best way to understand it is through an example.

Imagine you have a sports shoe store. In case your keyword is very broad and general, all your efforts will be dissipated. But nevertheless if you choose to reduce that keyword you will be able to draw the attention of the traffic that really interests you.

Why keywords should you opt then? Instead of betting on a keyword as broad as “men’s shoes” or “women’s shoes”  that will attract traffic likely to look for moccasins, you should play for keywords such as “man soccer shoe” or “basketball boots” woman “for example. Since these keywords will attract quality traffic that will probably end up buying.

In fact, put yourself in the position that your website achieves traffic of 2,000 different keywords. But focusing on those that attract more traffic only highlight 100. And these 100 account for 20% of your total traffic while the rest is lost.

What should you do with that 80%? Leave it aside?

If you have understood what is the long tail SEO, you will know the answer to this dilemma. You need to pass these searches to long tail to multiply the results.

The autocomplete feature of Google

Google has been showing you what SEO long tail is, even if you have not noticed. The Google search engine, besides being a very useful resource for locating information, is also part of a  giant real-time market study from which you need to extract value for your own interests.

Look at the previous image. If you still do not understand what long tail SEO is, it could not be translated into a better way. And even if you have not fallen, you have been living with the search suggestions for a long time.

The autocomplete function of  Google suggests the most popular searches, so that you realize that the term “men’s shoes” will not get you anywhere if you do not go deeper into it.

What is long tail SEO? The ability to achieve high-ranking potential

It’s much easier to classify yourself with a phrase that contains several keywords, that is very specific, than with a generic phrase of one or two words.

In fact, imagine now that you run a company based in Madrid that offers air conditioning repair services. In the past it was relatively easy to reach that top 10 with a generic keyword like “air conditioning”. But now it’s proven that it does not, especially since it gets approximately 112,000,000 results.

To reach that top 10 with this keyword you will need to be above those 112 million web pages. And also overcome giants of the sector. Therefore you need to start being more specific.

Your company operates only in Madrid. The smartest approach you could give your keyword, therefore, would be to turn it into something like “air conditioning repair in Madrid”, which has approximately 466,000 results. Much less competition.

Tools to find long tail keywords

1.-  Keyword Tool

Using this tool you can choose the search engine in which you want to analyze your keyword, as well as the region that interests you or the language.

This way if for example you are looking for “soccer shoes for women” you will find a list with the most used keywords. And on your right you can access the volume of traffic and the competition that each of them has.

2.-  Keyword Shitter

Through this resource you will have access to thousands of combinations of any keyword.

As a recommendation: save the list you provide and then filter it with the Google keyword planner. So you can detect which of them are more powerful for your business.

3.- Keyword Revealer

Now that you know what is long tail SEO you only have to bet on this type of tools to give you a boost. In this case, it could be said that Keyword Revealer is one of the most complete resources. Although as such, you need a payment so you can deepen your functionalities.

This application allows you to create filters by search engine, number of words, competition, number of backlinks, etc.

What are the benefits of betting on long tail keywords?

The choice of these specific keywords has three main advantages:

1.- Less competition

The long tail keywords are characterized by being totally specific to your business and your niche market. And that’s why the result of the search volume is potentially lower.

The advantage of this is that it will not cost you so much effort to classify yourself with these types of keywords. The competition is considerably less. And to nothing that you work your linkbuilding strategies and optimize your website for SEO, being among the top positions of search engines will be a much simpler and faster task.

2. You will achieve higher conversions

You see, a short search of long tail keywords will help you discover what people are looking for. In this way you can identify queries that indicate the intention of the buyer and the need for additional information.

You can use all this information to guide your strategies to potential customers during your sales funnel. Although you can also complement all these efforts with your content marketing strategy.

3. It helps you optimize your strategy for semantic search

We live in an era where 55% of millennials use voice searches on a daily basis and where talking to bots is more than common.

That is why when these users use these platforms they use very specific keywords. Have you ever asked Siri something like “Japanese restaurant nearby”?

You need to try to predict what is the purpose behind those questions that are expressed naturally. And in that way you can provide answers that give way to your business or your services.

The key to knowing what SEO long tail is and applying it is to know your audience

The better you know what it is that your target audience is searching the Internet, the easier it will be. Evaluate what your target is interested in and create valuable content that responds to needs.

The perfect mix consists of knowing your users, optimizing content based on those tastes and, in addition, creating value-added content . From there, you only need to optimize your content for SEO and bet on specific keywords.

Only this way, you will generate interest and you will achieve that they find you the first time. The better your positions and the more attractive your content is, the more people will share and interact with that content. Considering interesting content for search engines.