Why create a blog: 7 reasons for your company to use it as a Digital Marketing tool

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Did you know that Digital results began with a blog?

On July 2, 2010 was made the first publication in the RD blog. The post “manifesto” was titled The Digital Marketing Benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises and published by the CEO of RD, Eric Santos.

At that time, the RD Station , our Digital Marketing software, had not even been released – it just happen two years later. Before launching the product, the blog helped RD gaining audience, to validate hypotheses for the development of the product and educate the market on Digital Marketing.

At first, we published a post a week, but over time, the frequency increased, also with the growth of the company and the team. We went to two posts a week and then to a post per working day until we get to the current frequency, ranging 6-8 posts a week.

Ie, early we understand the importance of a blog and the potential that this channel has to generate business for a company.

In this post, we bring a little of our experience and we list the biggest reasons for your company to have a blog as Digital Marketing tool.

1. Establishes leadership

When you write about something, you are constantly putting your knowledge to the test. If you do not know much of it, it will certainly be criticized on social media and blog comments.

However, if your blog has quality, is successful and is much comment, you become an authority. Potential customers see you as someone who knows what he’s talking and come to rely more on your brand.

2. It helps you to be found for free on Google

Publish content frequently makes your company has more pages indexed in Google than a common website.

It also increases the likelihood of other sites put links to your website, which helps you get better position in Google and get more organically visits.

3. It is interactive

Most blogs have spaces for comments. Encourage this conversation is a new way to create relationships with your customers.

In addition, you can take this space several ideas for new posts, learn new things from the experience of others and receive feedback for your blog, your company and your products or services.

4. It is dynamic

A common site means fixed content, stopped. With a blog, you have to completely opposite idea: constant updates, new content. This causes people to visit recurrently blog.

5. facilitates the sales process

The blog helps a lot in cases where the customer is not addressed at the right time of purchase. So, to lure him to your site, the customer can keep in continuous contact with your company even if you have not bought your product or service.

This way, you will gradually establishing trust and the customer will already have your brand in mind when they finally decide it is time to buy.

6. Permanent Results

Unlike a TV ad, a banner on a third party website or a flyer delivered to traffic, blogging is a permanent asset.

If you fail to invest in advertising, will no longer have a presence in these channels. If you stop writing the blog, however, referral links and authority of your pages before Google continue, and so your business keeps getting traffic to the free site.

7. Generates learning

This is an underrated point, but extremely important. Writing a blog is a responsibility that forces you to be always attentive to what happens in your industry.

Moreover, the fact of having to write makes you who have studied and experienced enough and have different opinions and arguments in the head, and organize this knowledge and can absorb what is most important.


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