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SEO: The importance of backlinks for optimized SEO

Many rules exist to improve your SEO , we often talk about the valuation of keywords, the importance of title tags and meta description, the importance of url, but today we will devote ourselves to netlinking . More specifically, we’ll see the rules to follow for a relevant netlinking strategy , the methods to get quality backlinks and finally what tools to use to track all of your links.

The method of netlinking is to boost  the number of backlinks to a site that aims to increase the visibility, popularity and SEO of a site. Indeed, thanks to the links, the traffic of the site will be multiplied.

Rules for an efficient netlinking strategy

It’s not enough to have an endless amount of links to have an improved SEO, there are many rules to establish an effective and sustainable netlinking strategy.

Here are the main rules of netlinking to respect:

  • An identical theme

An effective backlink must come from a site of the same theme as yours.

  • A high performing Page Rank score

The issuer site of the backlink must have a Page Rank score greater than 3. (Page Rank is one of the most important criteria for ranking Google’s search results). Each site has a rating of 10, it defines the reputation and value of its content according to the criteria of Google. The more links to your site, the higher your Page Rank score will be.

  • An effective link juice

The more a page is considered quality and relevant by the search engines the more it will transmit  link juice . It represents the positive effects on SEO that can bring a site to another site or a page to another page. The link juice will be even higher if the site in question contains few outgoing links.

  • A link anchor worked

The anchor link represents the text visible by the user, it is the text that we see on a hyperlink ) must describe a maximum outgoing link and be optimized by taking into account Google.For more ‘ efficiency , choose a link to a page that has a certain  seniority .

  • Various sources

Vary the sources! The more you benefit from different sources, the better your netlinkingstrategy  will be.

  • A sought-after location

The location of a link is important, so favor links to the editorial content of the page and several pages.
It is also advisable to get links distributed over time rather than a massive influx in one fell swoop.

  • High traffic

A Backlink from a high traffic site will have a strong impact on yours.

Be careful, backlinks from a social network are not taken into account by Google unless it is a link on Google+ !

Some tips for getting backlinks

Create qualified content

If you own a blog and feed it regularly, it’s a great way to share it . Write qualitative informationand give real value to your readers. When you write content, you no longer place yourself as a commercial of such company, or as leader of such company, NO! You place yourself as an ” EXPERT ” in your field . You bring confidence and seriousness , and you show what you are talking about, add a pinch of free content (white paper, computer graphics, video), creativity, innovation, and the trick will be played, your content will be shared! When content is shared, it is ultimately the realization  of a long-term work! Your content appeals, it arouses the enthusiasm of your readership ? You have conquered your audience !

The creation of evoked content is similar to the Inbound Marketing known to attract you customers instead of soliciting them. This strategy has already proved its worth and proved its relevance .

Share your products with influencers

In our digital era, influencers have a special place in promoting a company’s products or services . They give echo and increased visibility ! The people who follow these influencers have a special relationship with them, they give them credibility and a strong influence.

Talk to influencers in your industry and give them free samples, give them a free trial to share the benefits of your product / service. Be careful however that it does not return against you! And that influencers do not disclose negative comments about your product, it could tarnish the image of your company. Select them carefully! An influencer specializing in DIY will not be relevant if you propose the promotion of beauty products.