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Last week, while using chat a website for customer service, I noticed something surprising:  I could not realize if talking to a person or a bot.

Before 2017, my notion of bots, especially the chatbots, was that they could only provide basic answers predetermined before refer the matter to a real person. In short, I thought the chatbots were so automated that they could not give me the help I needed a more humane approach.

I know the  chatbots are the future of marketing . More and more brands that used to provide services marketing, sales and customer service, and these are just a few examples .

If you wonder why bots are proliferating so quickly and how they have advanced to the point that we can not differentiate their capabilities of humans, look at our video interview with the CEO of Motion AI , David Nelson . He spoke with my colleague, Jami Oetting, about how bots have grown significantly and why companies should consider implementing its own strategy in this regard.

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Why 2017 was the year of the bots

1) natural language understanding has progressed

Remember my story from the beginning?

Progress in natural language understanding has made chatbots seem more human than ever and, so, in 2017 became the ideal place to implement a system that is able to answer questions and provide information time.

2) Customer expectations have changed

It is increasingly difficult to keep customers satisfied . This is because they have more options than ever (your competition) and wish to obtain assistance in line XXI century, rather than having to wait for hours and repeat information over and over again.

Now the bots can perceive the context and use the data to provide people with relevant information they need. Meanwhile, customers are more willing to interact with bots for help: they are fast, efficient and useful when they need assistance in any channel.

3) can make the work easier chatbots

Now bots can answer frequently asked questions, qualify new sales opportunities and to distribute content. Here on the blog of HubSpot, we use a bot of Facebook Messenger to help readers to subscribe and read publications like this. Bots can automate processes that humans must do again and again, thereby saving valuable time and resources.

4) chatbots may use information you already have to customize your marketing

The key to effective content marketing is personalization. Bots can help you extract and analyze data you have already collected about prospects and customers to send more personalized e-mails and get a useful context during calls.

5) It is easier than ever to create and implement chatbots

With the help of industry leaders such as AI Motion, you do not need to try to demystify bots: easily create and deploy anywhere on the site to help you achieve your goals.

Editor ‘s note: AI Motion HubSpot acquired, which helps any user (developer or not) to create bots. Learn more here: HubSpot Motion Acquires AI .