Which Of The Three SEO Hats Is Better For A New Website?

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Hello everyone! In these Christmas days today I’m going to take what will be the last pill of the year and once again, like the previous one that talked about the different types of bloggers , this time I will do the same with SEOs, where again the extension will exceed the 500 words (although I hope that by 2015 this does not happen anymore …). Let’s go with it.

Essentially we are going to differentiate 3 types of web positioning professionals that encompass all the profiles that currently exist working in this young and new profession called SEO. I have had experiences with SEOs of the 3 types, so I am going to elaborate a file for each of the profiles that will serve as a general classification.

(Although after each professional is a world when it comes to work).

SEO White Hat

They are less than you think. We will list the main characteristics of purely white SEO :

  1. They do not exchange links.
  2. They rise in Google rankings based on content.
  3. Its main battle weapon is SEO on page based on internal optimization.
  4. They only work creating links through linkbaiting (they are generated “alone”).
  5. They do not fear the arrival of new changes in the algorithm.
  6. They have infinite patience.
  7. They usually do not know ways to speed up SEO or do not want to take the risk.

Advantages of White SEO: you  never have to worry about algorithms. On the other hand their pages are usually well-taken care of and with good design unlike that of the Seos plus black h. He is a professional who thinks long term.

White SEO errors: Going slowly and not being afraid of algorithms does not have to imply the success of your online projects in the long term. It goes slowly and also has the disadvantage with which all Seos leave: its method never guarantees that it will reach success.

SEO Gray Hat

This is where most of the professionals in this sector come in (not to mention almost all). Let’s analyze them:

  1. They make exchanges of links.
  2. They monitor their own website to control if they grow in the right direction and form.
  3. They control the rankings of the competition to see where they are.
  4. They control SEMrush and it is one of their daily battle weapons.
  5. In long projects, they do not fear Panda and Penguin, in short projects they know that one day they will have to fall.
  6. Their patience is limited, they know that the results are not seen instantly but they do not want to wait for more.
  7. A good Seo Gray Hat creates and promotes your personal brand, knows that it will open many doors ( or websites ) among many other advantages.

Advantages of Gray SEO: if you are looking for friends of ↑ (white) up and down (black) ↓ it greatly enriches your global way of understanding SEO. If you have already detected it, it works on the SEO 2015 line, which is completely based on the user response and is ultimately half-way between white and black.

Gray SEO errors:  probably take longer than you would like to monetize. Their “serious” projects should almost be considered as life investments in the long term as “ways to earn money” with which to buy the latest sports model. It does not monetize as fast as black and it does not have the safety of white …

SEO Black Hat

Lately I have had more relationship with good professionals of this profile. I confess: I have been impressed.

  1. Changes links proactively and is an active user of forums.
  2. It usually does not have a personal blog.
  3. He is careful when sharing his knowledge, he knows it is worth money.
  4. More than monitoring, they study the competition on lucrative keywords ($$$).
  5. They use Scrapebox and the most advanced GSA in their day to day work.
  6. They do not have patience, they think about today and they do not believe in the long term due to Google’s algorithm .
  7. They do not seek to create a product , they believe in the power of spam over anything.

Advantages of Black SEO: I have recently dealt with very good people in that sector and I am scared by the ease with which Google can be tricked, that is, I knew that the results can be altered, but the magic of Black Seo is that it makes you see that it is actually even easier than you thought. And that implies money.

Errors of the Black SEO:  I am not in possession of the truth and much less in this particular topic, but from my point of view perhaps your biggest mistake is thinking that “always” you can manipulate the algorithm without your personal profiles are of any way “tracked” (recently I heard about a Google patent trying to go in that direction).

If you want to enter into this SEO depending on where you place you will earn money in one way or another (or you may not earn anything), but if you want to have a somewhat global vision of this profession and its different ways of working in I think that through this post you can get a good idea about it.