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Essential Techniques to Get Quality Backlinks

That’s it your site is in place, the content is there, the first visitors arrive … everything is ready. Except that you would need a little back to strengthen your presence on Google. Nothing like a marketing strategy for link building (generating incoming links to your website). The backlink is a key element of SEO , whose number and quality are an indicator of popularity of your site.

In this article, I summarize the 7 essential techniques to put in place now. Those that take less than an hour. So go ahead, you know what you have to do, with a little work it will pay off.

Many other techniques exist to have back links . If you are interested, I invite you to go to this post from a colleague who I found very useful: 70 + Detailed Techniques of Netlinking .

The advantage of being free and having a good PageRank (beneficial for the backlink). If possible, make a unique description of your site , directories do not generally like the duplicate content . Arm yourself with a little patience, these sites take more or less a week to index the new sites.

Feel free to search if directories specific to your sector or your theme exist. They will have a greater impact than GPs for your SEO.

Publish a press release on the press sites

Sites such as Press-Free , News Du Net or Powerpress are good places to broadcast a press release for free. Okay, this will require a news release . A little effort: put in 300 words the pitch of your company and the strengths of your activity; finish with a presentation of the team and the company.

Answer questions on the forums

Whether you agree, I’m talking about answering questions about your business , not spamming forums with poor posts with a link – otherwise you’ll be quickly banned by moderators. The way to make your site visible on the forums is to create a profile and participate in discussions.

Participate really. Bring something useful to other members who might be your clients. It’s not a magic recipe, but it looks like this:

  1. Identify the forums that concern your activity, and start participating in the discussions.
  2. Add a backlink to your profile , but do not post the link in your messages right away.
  3. When you have the opportunity (the discussion lends itself), and only after having already participated actively in the forum , suggest members to go to a page of your site related to the discussion.

This technique pays when it is done in the respect of the rules of the forum and with patience. Having the reflex to spend 15 minutes a day on the forums can bring you a lot of qualified traffic, and this faster than you imagine.

Note that sites like Quora are good sources of traffic but do not create do-followbacklinks .

Duration: 15 minutes / day

Work your backlinks on social networks

All stupid, but increases visibility . If it’s not done yet:

  • Google+ Business Page
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Facebook company page

Also remember to choose the network or networks on which it is relevant to be present. No need to be everywhere. Creating a page often requires regular updating …

Exchange of backlinks with partners

Browse your repertoire: customers, suppliers, friends … are all potential partners with whom it is often easy to make a link exchange . As such the famous “blogroll” (previously used list of links) is rather badly seen by Google today. To avoid this, we must contextualize the links in pages with text: the description of your activity in a few words for example.

Scoop.it for content curation

If you regularly read blogs about your business, I advise you to install the Scoop. button on your browser. Scoop.it is a bit of the last of the survivors in the big French digg-like family. The only one that is really effective for my taste for SEO. It also allows you to share content simultaneously on different social networks .

To shorten it :

  1. After registration, take a few minutes to customize your page (logo, background image)
  2. Start adding content, but take care of sharing by customizing the text for each social network (you do not have to share systematically across all networks)
  3. Use the button option in the browser to regularly share content

This same technique works with the Pearltrees website .


No need to have a blogger friend to do guest-blogging. Interested you a blogger who YOU like (traffic, topics covered, years of existence) and offer it to create a “content guest” for his blog. Motivate your interest that you share common points and show white pasta. Do you know that bloggers are often looking for content . A blog article is traffic for him, and obviously for you since you will be cited as an author .

Bonus 1: the email signature

Although the email signature is not referenced in Google, do not neglect the traffic it can bring you through clicks. Personally, I use HTMLsig to generate email signatures.

Bonus 2: Comment blogs in your theme

Commenting on blogs will not make you have do-follow links to your site ( do-follows are better backlinks for Google). By commenting on a blog, we have the possibility to indicate its site (the backlink is displayed on your name). Like the answers on the forums, participate in the discussion . Do not just comment to “swing” your backlink … nobody wants it.

On the other hand, by bringing useful comments, you will give the other readers – even to the moderator – the desire to visit your site, and even more: to share your site . Engage in the discussion, react, get started!