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The 3 most important techniques for 2017

SEO only works from the outside like a minefield. It is also far less dynamic than is often suggested. Basically, movement only comes into the box whenever Google makes changes to its algorithm. These adjustments can leave you cold if you observe a few simple things. This year these are the following.

SEO Technique # 1: More backlinks through great content


Just now we have the topic backlinks. Web discussed. Backlinks are and will remain the A and O of your SEO strategy. Nothing improves your ranking as much as a good backlink profile.

As mentioned in the mentioned article, the focus is on the word “good”. Your backlink profile is good if the links do not come from the network spikes, but by recognized experts and influencers on the subject. You can do this yourself by: a) pointing out your content to this group of people, with the request, however, to place a link if you like; or b) offering this group of people to write a guest article on the topic in which you then write one Backlink can place yourself.

Great content

Of course, the probability that a) or b) grab is directly related to the quality of the content you offer. This is where the word “great” comes into play. But I found a very good, but English-language infographic, which I still do not want to deprive you.

The 10 steps to great content:

Incidentally, the creators of the infographic have created a “great content” for their part, which brings them backlinks.

Great content is not great these days, even when they exhaustively treat a topic. They should of course anyway and you will find that even this simple rule is hardly seriously implemented by any competitor. You are still on the right track if you treat your subject more comprehensively than others. Whether your content must have at least 1,000 or 2,000 or even more words to be recognized as relevant is something the scholars argue about.

I recommend that you do not spasmodically screw on a word goal. The length of the text results from the topic. If you have treated it exhaustively, the text is finished. It makes no sense to invent filler contents just to get to certain lengths. On the contrary, this approach again weakens the relevance of your content, and as great the text will probably no longer be perceived. That way, you’ll move away from your backlink generation goal as you approach it.

As the bar for great content raises year by year, you should not leave it at the mere content-related magnificence, but also put a blaze on top of it creatively. As an example of a relatively simple appreciation through design, I can give you the ” Epic Guide to Employee Management”Recommend. Otherwise, the entire portfolio of possible interactions is available to you. The more user engagement you can make sense, the better. But note the word “meaningful”.

A nice example of design-supported storytelling. (Screenshot: Dr. Web)

It is recommended to include multimedia content in the text. In addition to videos, these may well be VR content today , such as 360-degree videos. Interactive elements are generally attention-grabbers.

SEO Technique # 2: Technically update your website

Full usability on mobile devices

“Mobile-friendly” is the new ranking factor from Google. It means nothing else than the pages that are fully usable on mobile devices, in the search results as relevant, because more useful listed. Normally this means a higher ranking in the ranking. Read our article on dr. Web on the topic .

HTTPS: encrypted transmission via SSL

The upcoming update of the Chrome browser will prominently point out if a page called does not transmit encrypted. This will shake the confidence of many a visitor in such marked pages. In addition, pages with encrypted transmission are also rank higher. So it is high time to deal with the topic. We have written this post , which also introduces a workable and free solution. WordPress users will be  particularly interested in this post .


Load time optimization

The loading speed of a website is also a ranking factor. The faster your page loads, the better you stand in Google’s strict judgment. Especially the performance optimization is a wide field. We’ve written a whole series of articles for WordPress users. Are you looking for a few tools that can help you with the optimization, this article is the right one for you.

SEO Technique # 3: Good Care, Doctor!

Evergreen content

Every page operator knows the phenomenon. There are relatively few, mostly fairly old articles that constantly receive the most traffic. You could say they are your crown jewels. Care for them accordingly.

Even evergreen content outdated over time. Take the important posts regularly and bring them up to date. Do not change the URL in this process, but attach an update hint at the bottom of the post. So the search engine knows that it is the same good old post and the reader can see how old the content really is.

Internal link structure

Connected to the topic “Evergreen Content” is the topic “internal linking”. Going to the evergreen posts and away from them to related articles you should set internal links that can stabilize the ranking of the page. High relevance values ​​of individual pages are inherited on other pages, so to speak, one speaks of the so-called Linkjuice.

Summary of several smaller to a larger contribution

If you concentrate on your niche, you will most likely have published smaller content in the past. After all, was for a time the recommendation, rather more posts, but shorter, to make than a long. In the meantime, a length of 350 words has been propagated.

Look again under the topic “Great Content” above. You realize that shorter posts are not the way to go. Write long and exhaustive articles. Of course, you can use this principle in the maintenance of your content.

Pick out the shorter, less successful posts that fit a theme and build a giant post from it. Whether it makes sense to keep the original URL of the most successful post, or whether it makes more sense to assign a new one, you are depending on the actual statistics.