Which is the best link building SEO tool?

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The best tools to make Link Building and improve SEO

The technique of link building or linkbuilding should always be accompanied by a subsequent analysis of the links achieved, the quality of these, their origin, their influence on the positioning of the page … It is useless to create links if then we do not measure the results obtained .

To facilitate this task, there are numerous tools. We have made a compilation of the best tools to make link building that we use in Marketinet and that for our own experience we find more attractive:


Google Webmaster Tools

Basic and free Google tool, essential for any SEO. It allows us to check the status of the indexing of our website, see statistics of how Google indexes our site, and the errors that may have been found, see which keywords report traffic and what rate of clicks they have, obtain information to improve visibility of our web project and post the links of internal and external pages to our site; this last functionality is what will help us in our link building strategy.

In the search traffic section of this tool, we will find two tabs: Links to Your Site and Internal Links

Links to your site

In this section you can see the total number of links received, which sites link to your website, what text they link to (anchor text), which pages of your website receive more links.

With this data we can control our link profile, see if any page that is linking us does not interest us, see if our link profile grows progressively … This tab is very important for example when we have penalties such as Penguin, since it will allow us to analyze which ones are the domains that are linking us and because criteria.

Internal Links

The internal links are the links that we have on our website and that link to other pages of your own website. With this data we can control the internal links that our website has taking into account its importance as we saw in section “4. The importance of internal linking ”


Fundamental tool to analyze the profile of links on a website, either ours or our competition. It is a payment tool that has a limited free version.

What information can we obtain with this tool?

  • Control the links we receive and control our competition.
  • See what anchor text bind us
  • See the variety of IP’s that link us, types of domains that link us, countries that link us according to the CTLDs domain (Country Top Level Domains).
  • See pages on your site that are more links
  • Number of domains of the governmental (.gov), educational (.edu or similar) type that link us.
  • How are the types of backlins that link us (Dofollow, nofollow, linked images, links that are redirects …)
  • New domains and lost domains
  • The evolution of the linking profile of a web
  • Detect broken links
  • Compare domains We can enter up to 5 different domains to see a summary and comparison of the most important metrics.

With all this information, in addition to having an exhaustive control of our links or the links of the competition, we can see if our profile of links is natural, see what keywords the competition uses, detect negative SEO actions and avoid possible penalties.


SEMRush is a complete SEO and SEM tool that allows us to analyze our website and that of our competition. It is a payment tool with a very limited trial version.

Among its many features, the analysis of keywords stands out, allowing us to know volumes, positions by countries, know why keywords are positioning our competitors …

It also allows us to know the monthly visits (organic and non-organic traffic), the position in the SEMrush ranking, a list of the main competitors of the web analyzed, a map of the web positioning in relation to these competitors, information of the PPC campaigns, information about published ads …

But for our link building campaigns, what interests us about this tool is the “Backlinks” section

Here we can find out which webs link us or which links our competition receives, we can get a full backlinks report where we can see the “page score” or the importance of the web that links us or links to the competition. The Page Score is a semrush metric that gives the web a value of 0 to 100, the higher this value the better.

We can also obtain information on the anchor text of the link, the URL where the link is placed, the URL to which that web links, reference domains, reference ips, indexed pages and backlins of each of those pages and comparison of backlins between two domains.

Majestic SEO

Tool that gives us the most accurate and most accurate quality of the link building strategy. It is a payment tool, although it has a free version that will allow us to see some metrics in a limited way.

In addition to allowing us to measure the quality level of linkbuilding, it allows us to measure the quality of your level of authority, based on patterns such as TF (Trust Flow) or CF (Citation Flow)

The Trust Flow is an indicator of the quality of a website on a scale of 0 to 100. The Citation Flow is an indicator between 0 and 100 that is used to measure the equivalence of links or ” power “that carries the website or the link.

What information does this tool provide us?

  • Extensive information about subdomains, links, images, redirects, etc. of a web
  • The number of backlinks detected in a website and its evolution
  • The type of links created and the variation of the anchor text used.
  • It allows us to compare up to 5 domains simultaneously.
  • Get the search volume for each keyword and determine how many times it appears on a site.
  • It allows graphically comparing the backlink profiles of two sites.
  • A map where we can see in which countries the domains that link to a website are hosted.

In short, it is the tool with the highest index of backlinks available to the public.