Which Is The Best BackLink Checker Tool?

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Top Tools To Check Your Backlinks

We tested tools that will allow you to list, check and compare your incoming links but also those of your competitors.

It was an opportunity for us to review our incoming links and answer our own questions. To be honest, we took the top 5 US articles responding to the query ”  best tools to check backlinks  ” to help us make this list of the best backlinks tools and we have 12 :

  • Raven Tools
  • Open Site Explorer
  • Majestic SEO
  • SE Ranking
  • Backlink Watch
  • MoonSearch
  • OpenLinkProfiler
  • RankSignals
  • BacklinkTest
  • Monitor Backlinks
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush

Some tools are rated as excellent in the different comparisons, but require installation. They will not be part of our test but we wanted to tell you because they are still rated as very good:

  • SEO Spyglass

Test conditions of the backlinks tools

To better understand your site and make you the best optimization proposals , the majority of tools offer you to connect your platforms such as : Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google Search or the social media platforms type: Twitter and Facebook.

As part of this test, no platform was connected to the backlinks tools.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is specialized in the creation of web-marketing reports that will allow you to have an overview of your actions in a consolidated way. It proposes to connect to more than 20 different tools.

Open Site Explorer

This tool was created by the very respectable company Moz, SEO specialist. The promise of the tool: ”  Search for backlinks , search for link opportunities and discover potentially damaging links with Open Site Explorer. ”

Majestic SEO

He is in french !! SEO specialists must speak English without which they deprive themselves of many tools but, it is always nice to have a translated tool.

SE Ranking

An SEO generalist who offers the classic options that are the position of the keywords , analysis of the positions of the competition , analysis of the metas of the site and obviously our subject: the analysis of the backlinks .

Backlink Watch

When we arrive on the site, we have the impression that you sell us viagra 10 euros 100 pills. It is not very reassuring. But here too, we will go to the end of the test because it is a tool appreciated by specialists in the field (according to our reading).


Purified, the application is selling scanner very quickly over 500 url.

Open Link Profiler

Here again, we go to the essential. The home page offers an entry field of the url and 2 reassurance tweets.


Rank Signals is only specialized in backlinks. Its customer promise, everything will reveal you on your backlinks and those of your competitors.


Indicated as being in beta, we feel that the tool is not as professional as our previous tests.

Monitor Backlinks

The promise of Monitor Backlinks, we reveal all the bad incoming links and the good incoming links of our competitors.


In French !! Look forward to testing this tool. Many agencies have accompanied us in the generation of traffic and the best we have often talked about this tool.

The commitment of the tool is very well explained: “Tools to improve your volume of organic traffic , discover the strategies of your competitors and monitor what is happening in your niche.”


In the top 4 global leaders and specialties, SemRush offers access to its tool in French. We will try to be impartial because we are customers of this powerful tool.

Summary of the tests of backlinks tools

In order to help you make your choice among these many inbound link analysis tools , here is a summary table based mainly on the simplicity of use and relevance of the functions, but especially their presentation. The notes are “completely arbitrary” and based on the test described above. Some of you, used to complex tools, may not get the same analysis.