Which is difficult, on page SEO or off page SEO?

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Only with good content you can not get ahead in Google today. A good search engine optimization is also necessary to “push” your own website in front of the competitors.

But which of the search engine optimization measures is more important? Should one focus on Onpage SEO or Offpage SEO in the future?

I will follow up on this question below and describe, among other things, my approach.

On-page vs. Offpage search engine optimization

 Behind these two areas are completely different philosophies. Previously, search engine optimization consisted solely of off-page actions. At that time, Google was still very easy to manipulate.

That has changed, and that’s why Google no longer focuses solely on backlinks, but increasingly on the actual content and other factors of the website. That’s why there has been heated debate among supporters of these two directions in recent years.

What is Onpage SEO?

On- page search engine optimization is about all the SEO factors that you can influence on your own website as a whole and the individual pages / articles.

At the top is the actual content, which is analyzed and assessed by the artificial Google intelligence. But other factors such as images, page structure, internal linking, external linking, usability, load times and much more are included in the assessment.

Google wants to find out as precisely as possible which pages make the most sense for the users and is getting better and better. Unlike in the past, the search results have improved a lot, but still not all gold is glittering. As long as the AI ​​on Google can not really recognize the quality of content, as long as their judgment will not be perfect. Whether this will ever be possible remains questionable.

What is Offpage SEO?

The offpage search engine optimization is about all ranking factors that are outside of your own website.

Even if there are some factors, backlinks play a very important role here. These used to be the ultimate in search engine optimization and are still important today. How important backlinks are, is controversial among experts, but without links from other websites, it is now difficult to rank far ahead.

Google has changed – or not?

Google has a market share of well over 90% in Germany and is thus actually the only search engine that has to be taken care of. The dominance of Google is partly due to the fact that this, in contrast to many competitors permanently evolving. The search is the core business of the Internet giant and a corresponding amount of know-how flows into it.

As a result, there were always adjustments and changes. Meanwhile, there are no major individual updates more like in the past, but according to Google is permanently “screwed” to the ranking and the analysis of the sites / pages.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that the importance of the individual factors of on-page and off-page optimization are repeatedly evaluated differently by the experts. So in the past years there has been a trend away from backlinks to on-page factors. However, Google alone does not seem to be able to work so well, so according to experts, the backlinks have become more important again.

Basically, search engine optimization is a guessing game anyway, as Google does not offer insights on how the rankings are created except for a few baseline recommendations. Tests and experience of SEOs provide the recommendations, but, not surprisingly, quite different.

Onpage SEO or Offpage SEO? Which search engine optimization is more important?

So is it even possible to judge if Onpage SEO or Offpage SEO is more important? I would say no, because in addition to the constant changes and different expert recommendations Google is now on individual reviews. There are no more SEO tips that work always and everywhere. Instead, it’s different for every site and keyword.

But of course there are SEO trends and basic actions that usually have a positive impact. I have listed these in my articles on onpage and offpage optimization.

It would be a mistake in my opinion, however, to limit yourself to one of the measures areas . The backlink setup is not fun for me, but the positive effects can not be talked away. On the other hand, optimizing your own website is also important and must not be neglected.

That’s why a combination of Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO is important to me . Backlinks are still an important ranking factor today and will probably stay that way for a while. The on-page optimization, however, is certainly the future and who wants to have a future-proof website , should not underestimate this.

That’s how I go

My approach has not changed much in recent years. Google has defined the basics of on-page search engine optimization and you should stick to it.

In my new board game blog , I apply these as well as optimizing my niche sites .

In the meantime, the on-page measures have become part of my life so I do not have to worry much about them.

Good, exciting and interesting content still provides backlinks today. But not every website works and you can help anyway. Therefore, the manual link building is still interesting, if often laborious. I rarely enjoy it, but I still spend some time to do just that.

So for me it’s a combination of Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO, so I’ve done the best so far. But it is also clear that I do not want to deal with the search engine optimization all the time. This is not necessary either. There are many, many ways to increase traffic .