When and why to produce content outside your niche

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Write regularly to the blog of your company is arguably one of the best ways to generate Leads, build an audience and enhance your company’s brand in the market in which your business operates.

The best way to start a blog is creating content for your persona , according to your questions and problems, so that she understands well what solution should seek and, ultimately, buy your product or hire your service .

But one day, you will reach a crossroads.

Your business is reference in your niche, you master your area of ​​expertise, is well ranked higher on Google for all keywords relevant to your business, you have a considerable community of followers.

But there are doubts about your marketing time: about what I’m going to talk now?

Your blog is already broad in content and all who write for the blog feel they have exhausted their ideas. Already explored your niche to the fullest.

Do not worry, nothing is lost.

Arriving at this point, it’s time to get out of the comfort zone and explore all areas that are around your line of business.

This is the content “out of its niche.”

It talks about how to plant grapes, even if the focus of your business is to sell wines. Or explore the Big Data even working with Content Marketing .

And believe me, there will come a time when it is inevitable.

But do not worry, that’s what we’re here, right?

Today we will talk about when and why to produce content outside of your niche.

Prepared? Let’s start!

Why look for new air to your content?

When it’s time to go out and see what is happening around, it may be that many of you from getting lost.

After all, why not keep talking about what you say in the company’s blog? It seems safe and much easier.

But the truth is that when the expected targets are not met, the marketing team will be perplexed.

So that produce content outside your niche?

You increase your audience

One of the clearest signs that you’ve mastered your niche is that the audience does not have the same interaction as it used to have. Therefore, it is time to renew these tanned and followers!

When your company starts to expand the content to other areas, a different portion of the hearing will be achieved.

They are people who are interested in issues that may not be directly related to what your company offers, but who are interested in your business and have great chances of needing their solutions for solving problems.

It is an opportunity to increase engagement on social media

New users in their social profiles is more activity and engagement!

They have just arrived, are interested in your content and will interact with them. Then, with the promotion of certain content, activity in social media for your business will increase, and this is a very welcome boom for marketing .

The possibility of converting more visitors into Leads of viralized campaigns and get satisfactory results will increase.

You can show the personality of your company

generic content no longer works. Especially if you are entering a whole new world.

This is an opportunity to enhance the personality of your company and also of those who write the texts.

Of course, thinking about the language to be adopted and the style of the text is important, but this is the time to take a step further.

In addition to data, research and information, can be a good time to talk more about what happens within the company and even personal experiences of those who write the text.

4 signs you’re saturating your content production

When the time comes, you will know, but it costs nothing to advance some signs so you do not waste time when their contents start to not have the same performance as before.

Therefore, four separate signals that show the production content is saturated. Come on?

1. The response of the audience is no longer the same

The social engagement of his followers is an important part of promoting content.

No shares, clicks and likes, your social media strategy will not attract the traffic you expect to your blog.

And when this happens, a little light will light up at some point of the marketing team!

This may be an indication that the content you are sharing is repetitive for that audience, or that their subject is no longer of interest of his persona.

In any case, the engagement with your content is one of the first indicators that may be the time to start expanding the horizons.

2. access the posts fell

Traffic is a performance indicator often used in marketing strategies content.

The volume of hits on a post is essential if these visitors are converted into Leads.

When traffic in the posts falls, Leads generated will also vair.

If your campaigns Email Marketing and content promotion strategies are in full swing, but users are not clicking on the links and accessing your posts, this is a bad sign!

If it worked before, why now does not bring the same results?

It’s time to change!

3. The number of entries in your newsletters reduced

Newsletters and email lists to update the blog are indicators of how engaged your audience is.

While she is eager for new content, you’re safe!

But if the inscriptions begin to fall and the rate of unsubscribe rise, is a sign that the content you are producing is not arousing the interest of their lists.

4. The posts focused on your niche no longer generate Leads as before

Traffic is important to generate Leads .

But posts with many accesses can also be impaired performance if the content is no longer in the graces of his persona as before.

The conversion of visitors Leads on is indicative of that. Of course, the number of people interested in what you offer will not be zero overnight – in fact, it is likely that this will never happen.

But if your company is already a reference within the niche, it is very likely that Leads reach through other channels, primarily direct to your sales team.

This is the time to expand your audience and reach an audience that does not know your business as your loyal readers.

How to start producing out of your niche content

To find and produce the right content out of its niche role, some measures are important! Many of them are used when you get a Content Marketing strategy , but it never hurts to remember, is not it?

Make an impeccable research

The references of research is the secret of every post or rich material success.

But when we create content that is not directly related to what you do – and even to what your team dominates – good research becomes even more important.

You have to find the right sources, research with good references and quality content for study.

Create a language (and approach) to differentiate your content

As you have seen, generic content will not bring anything good for your company to explore other niche activities.

Just as happened to you when you started your digital strategy , there are several quality content in the emerging area that your company will address.

Therefore, it is necessary to create a language and a style that is distinct from the rest and highlight your content to readers.

It is very likely that you create a new persona for that content, then focus on it to define these aspects.

Get ideas for topics on Twitter, Buzzsumo and even in Google SERP

Ideas are never enough, is it?

To produce such content, it is interesting to take a researched in which materials are well received by the persona.

Twitter and its hashtags can be a source of interesting research, depending on their area of ​​expertise. But Buzzsumo is one of the main tools for this.

Look for a blog that you create quality content and close to what you expect to create and search for materials that are more successful there.

Google search results page is also a good. At the end of it, they will appear suggestions of keywords related to the search that can yield good ideas for new content.

Promoting content needs to be killer

Promotion is the soul of business! If content is king, the content promotion is the queen.

Entering a new niche, it is essential to create a killer strategy that will put your stuff in the right place for the right people.

Share on social networks will not be enough.

Search for groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, create email marketing campaigns, do guest posts and Co-Marketing with other relevant blogs segment!


Create content out of your niche is a tremendous opportunity.

It may be that crucial time has not yet come for many companies, but it is something that can be considered even before becoming a necessity.

There are tangible benefits, and it’s an interesting strategy to further expand the visibility of your company in the market.

Search for and understand your persona and get to work!

And to further increase your traffic and better rankear your articles, read here about the main strategy for achieving the first Google !

This entry was produced by the team of Rock Content .