What’s new in AdWords: Learn how to advertise on YouTube to people who searched for a term on Google

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With the intention to increasingly integrate their platforms, it will soon be possible to make ads on the site videos (which is already the world’s second largest search site) for users who have a particular search on Google.

The news were reported during the conference SMX West , held in California, USA.

custom intended audiences on YouTube

In December 2017 Google released the audiences Custom Intent feature, which allowed further optimize ad targeting options in AdWords .

The news made it possible to use specific information to present their products or services to potential new customers.

Now, you can do the same on YouTube, allowing advertising to audiences who searched for certain keywords on Google.

To use the custom intended audiences, advertisers need to do a video campaign in AdWords and add keywords related to your products or services.

Then, people can receive ads while watching the videos on YouTube.

“For example, an airline can reach people on YouTube who recently searched Google for flights to Hawaii,” said product manager Nicky Rettke.

The novelty is available exclusively in the new AdWords interface.

Custom Intent + TrueView for Action

According to Google, the custom intention of audiences work best with the TrueView ad format for Action, developed with focus on conversion.

With this format, advertisers can customize Calls-to-Actions that will appear with your YouTube ads. In mobile devices, the ads appear under the video and persist even if an ad is skipped or end user.

Already on the desktop, an ad is shown on top of the recommendations column to the right of the video. You can add their own creative elements such as logo or image, or Google automatically picks up elements of the Landing Page.

true view for action youtube adwords

The online investment company Betterment used the audience customized intention to reach YouTube users who had recently searched for terms related to finance in Google.

The result was a 6-fold increase in the return on investment in advertising, compared to previous campaigns made the video site. Also saw the Google searches by company name, “Betterment” rise by 245%.

Also new: notes in AdWords

Taking advantage of the conference, Google announced other new features to AdWords, as the possibility of notes created for campaigns.

The idea is that the advertiser has to detail important points about the campaign within the platform. Thus, everyone who has access to the AdWords account can follow the notes.

An example of use of this new feature is to insert a note to explain a significant increase in clicks for a given campaign.

Notes google adwords

According to Google, the news must be released to all accounts soon. Be ready!