What Will The 2018 SEO Trends Be?

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What Will Be The SEO Trends For 2018?

In the present article, we will talk about SEO trends for 2018 , an SEO that evolves at a truly accelerated pace and whose updates occur quickly.

Therefore, we think it is convenient to have clear some strategies to make a good search engine positioning for next year 2018.

SEO experts predict a series of trends that we must take into account and we will see below.

SEO trends for 2018

The SEO experts indicate that it is increasingly important to optimization of content , not from the point of view of Google, which will continue to assess this practice, but from the point of view that this strategy applies worldwide and is necessary to develop differentiating strategies.

Obviously, if all users work on content optimization, this strategy loses more and more strength as it is not a differentiating element.

1. Link baiting

Today, finding powerful links that point directly to our website is a differential aspect in SEO.

However, this practice, known as linkbuilding , is one of the most penalized by Google, which poses a risk to positioning.

The linkbaiting will be a key to the companies that get item. We have to be able to achieve a virality that is real and, most importantly, that is achieved naturally to be able to compete in the market.

2. Technical SEO

In terms of technical SEO , the optimization of the loading speed of the pages, the correct configuration of the robot.txt files, the structuring of the data or the sitemap gain strength .

These small details are increasingly important, since the minimum improvements are what will make a difference in the long run. Working SEO at the code level will be key, and not only at the level of content, metadata and text.

3. User-centered experience

In terms of user experience , important aspects such as the decrease in the bounce rate, the time that users stay on our page, the reduction of advertising and cleanliness when browsing will be essential factors for a good positioning in search engines .

To improve the user experience when browsing our website will be key to the main search engines at the positioning level.

4. SEO and something more

There are many users who think that working SEO today does not serve to achieve the established objectives.

This statement is not true, far from it, but what is certain is that, if we accompany SEO with other strategies, the results will be better.

Therefore, if we complement the SEO positioning strategy with a SEM positioning job, social media , branding , traditional advertising, press, etc., we will substantially improve our positioning in search engines.

5. SEO through YouTube channels

The content in writing, as we have already commented, is not the only protagonist to work on SEO.

In this sense, YouTube channels are gaining strength . The strategies of “video positioning” are becoming more interesting and are an innovative factor in terms of SEO techniques.

By way of conclusion, it is increasingly difficult to position yourself in the first search results. The SEO positioning requires constant daily work, a strategy that shortcuts do not exist. The perfect way is to combine this technique with the other actions that digital marketing puts at our disposal.

The SEO trends for 2018 are a reality that should be applied in our future strategies.