What Motherhood Taught Me About Nutrition Flows

How good Leads management can save on paid media and optimize investment
I was able to generate traffic to my site! And now?

After I became a mother was more critical, less tolerant to things that do not add me and definitely the time was never something so precious.

I am sure that these features are not exclusive. Nowadays everyone has a full head, exploding the agenda of commitments and zero time to waste.

If you’ve read my previous post,  What Motherhood has taught me about inbound marketing , you know that I love putting on a daily basis some learnings that so intense universe gives me.

Thinking about it, I brought some tips on how motherhood has shown me that it is possible to build strong and healthy relationships with our base through nutrition flows.

What do we have today?

Once discovered I was pregnant, I started following blogs that brought what happened to the baby from week to week. Anxiously waiting to read what happened to the advancement of pregnancy and was happy every time receiving a new email on the subject.

Have you ever stopped to think that the same can happen to your content? Depending on your business, no matter if you send an email every day, once a week or once a month. The quality of its content and relevance is what will be decisive for you to maintain a healthy base. If your content meets these two requirements, no matter the frequency of shipments, you will have a faithful and attentive audience to what you provide.

Peak growth and development of jump

If you have no children, you will not understand anything of the above title, but if you have experienced it in practice, you know how much it influences not only the baby but in routine, asleep in the house, in the mood, well … everything.

After the baby is born it goes through periods of “Growth Peaks and Development Heels”, and also those facing the best known and so important in our lives: teething, food introduction, begin to crawl, walk, talk, desfralde and goes to infinity.

And what is its relation with my communication?

Your Lead also has phases within your sales funnel . Relate to him according to that moment over and builds authority.

With this relationship, you will be recognized for understanding the pains and answer your most frequently asked questions. As a result, the solutions proposed by you will be taken into consideration because there is already an established relationship between you and Lead.

Walking to desfralde

I’m walking for desfralde my son and will soon be free of my phase constant search for promotions diapers.

As this step will end for me, your customer has a lifetime inside your business.

In many cases, the beginning, middle and end of a journey is clearer than others. But the importance of knowing in depth the relationship of the leads on this journey can help us work with predictability, which helps to measure results, understand the trend curves and identify points of opportunities and bottlenecks in communication. Create a plan based on this journey is to work with maturity in communicating with its base.

If you have any question of how to relate to the Lead at each stage of the journey, the Purchase Journey Generator can help you.

It goes so fast

With each new stage of my son, I feel I will explode with happiness and love. After a while, when I look at the pictures, I miss every story lived.

These memories are part of our life in every way. If we recognize that our products, services, activities are part of a cycle that is expected and the possibility of a foreclosure, why not treat the Lead with empathy?

If so, respect the end of this cycle. This means not send emails to Leads to unsubscribe asked, “cold” and disengaged. Strengthen its image as a reference a very significant time. Moreover, this experience can also bring new customers referred by those who had a good relationship with you.

Trade relations are made between people

Whenever hit that doubt whether content is appropriate or whether the frequency meets the expectations of its Lead, put yourself in his place. The empathy of exercise is a good indicator of our relations. And if you still paint that doubt, ask for your base on what they would like to know more or do a search with some Leads on what subjects they are interested and that are related to your business, to measure the results of engagement and interactions.

Maintaining a healthy Leads base and heated segmented and is the key to more robust and long lasting results.

Put yourself in the other is an exercise that can take some time to be improved, I leave here one Empathy map as an exercise on how you can approach your Lead properly.