What Motherhood Taught Me About Inbound Marketing

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It is not news to anyone heard from several women who became mothers about the challenges they face on a daily basis and how much you learn with this new role.

But this time, the intention is to make different: to bring to practice some experiences that only motherhood teaches!

And if you think that becoming a mother I “only” learned to cook, sleep 2h followed by night for months, changing diapers in the dark, to bathe a newborn etc., missed!

Motherhood brought some skills hitherto dormant, when come into play, make all the difference.

I’ve listed 6 (of many) learning I had to become a mother, in addition to its links with Inbound Marketing .

1. Time is the most valuable currency

A woman becomes mother does not have time to read your book or magazine that interesting before bed. Time is short, and between one feeding and another in the morning, the mother reading things about motherhood (and how this helps at the moment so intense)!

So go with the basic principle of Inbound: Understand your audience and create content that meet the needs of your persona in its various moments. Establish authority on the subject and become a reference.

You will not go unnoticed when he shows empathy for what your client is living!

When creating content for your persona, try to understand what is the point of it and what their main doubts and difficulties are.

2. Join a support network

Every mother needs other mothers to share joys, anxieties and doubts. It is amazing how there is a magnet that attracts mothers to close to each other. Have you noticed?

Converting visitors to Lead can not be different!

Is this network that your persona needs. Delivered not only information, but applicability and opportunity. Show as is relevant part of its base.

Can you imagine being part of a group that will receive exclusive and first hand news on the issues that matter most to you? Or even have the chance to share, search and share what you think about a certain subject for those who are in the same medium or living the same situation?

It’s like help feeling a fish out of water.

And that’s the value delivery that we are talking about. Leave this clear in their conversion materials such as landing pages, pop-ups and forms.

3. selective Ear vs. Selective inbox

If there’s one thing all mothers hate is guess! The impression is that everyone knows what you should do for your child, the less you! There are thousands of boards that do not serve for anything, and worse, that have nothing to do with you and your story.

So write down this tip with all affection: know your Lead. Understand what it needs and what are the important issues for him.

Segment your base from interest, geographic, office, practice area, etc. It is important to address its Lead in the most personalized way possible. So your communication becomes much more objective.

I can not talk about cloth diaper for all mothers, for example (I can not even think about it). To play safe, question concerns or make a deep analysis of the conversion materials, accessed pages, posts and read by Lead is not the tipster boring. The quality of their relationship with the Lead is exactly in their knowledge of who he is.

Do not give the ball away!

4. Who are you in the bread line?

As a mother, I say, this move surprise visit can be pretty boring. There is a whole sync so that everything is minimally organized (within reason, of course), the baby sleeps and you use that time to do a lot of things you set aside, or simply want to nap and rest.

It seems obvious, right? Just not!

Like a lot of people appearing unannounced at your house, there are still many impersonal, cold and emails that appear without being “invited” in your inbox.

Remember that your email campaigns are like guests in someone’s home. Do not show up unannounced. Only go if you have really been invited to appear and never surprise!

Campaigns made with purchased mailing lists, too old or who came from a channel “unofficial” run the risk of being rejected, marked as spam and worse, severely damage your domain, your reputation with suppliers and with Lead.

Do not be the visit clueless, ever!

5. Routine: where I am and where I go

The routine is essential in the life of a mother. It is this step by step that causes us to have a “feasible” schedule (even if you only have this feeling). A routine can put a predictability in what needs to be done and where you go.

Automation flows need to have that clarity: where are the Leads and where they go and how they are.

To create marketing automation is necessary to establish this “routine” from the knowledge of the Lead: segment so that communication is objective, empathize with subjects you know and who are pain felt for him, help you achieve your goals and show why you are the best option (all purchase journey ).

It is very difficult to structure their automations if you do not clear where the Lead should go and how to get the funnel bottom (or anywhere else). This journey is essential to establish a relationship, to manage the base or even make more effective business approach.

6. Could have done otherwise. Who never?

Being a mother is dealing every day with trial and error. And all the choices and actions are always done with the aim to hit and do the best.

But not always get it right. And with that comes the maturity to understand why it was not made the best choice and to use that learning to hit next.

Analyze data and monitor the performance of your campaigns and your sales funnel does not always bring good news, but are crucial tasks for you to identify bottlenecks to act in time and the right way.

Just do not err who does nothing. Learn from your mistakes and move on!

Your son, your project 🙂

Maternal love is an example of unconditional love, dedication to their children full-time and empathy to feel exactly what your child feels.

This sum brings inspiring results: smile, happiness, see them grow … I could list here thousands of reasons why all efforts are worthwhile, but the list probably would never be complete, since every day I get more reasons to be proud of that mission.

It is common to use the phrase “my son was born” to talk about the project launch to which we devote a lot of time, attention, work, studies … No wonder, because when you start to see results, the feeling of accomplishment is rewarding .

The challenges will come, of course. But do not give up! After all, no one ever said it was easy, but everyone always guarantee it’s worth!