What Is The Main SEO Benefits Of Responsive Website?

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The main SEO benefits of responsive website

Responsive Design

A site is “Responsive” (or adaptive) when designed in such a way that it fits all existing terminals : desktop screens or touch screens, mini or large screens, mobile phones or tablets digital …

The user must be able to navigate from one medium to another with the same ease and the same final result. The links must be easy to click, without needing to zoom in on the part to click or read. The images must be visible whatever they are and the videos must be viewable, regardless of the nature of the site (e-commerce, showcase ..).

The benefits of having a Responsive website

Responsive Design is not limited to e-commerce sites with lots of links and lots of images: all types of sites are concerned!

Its ability to adapt to all communication media gives it all these advantages:

  • More responsiveness and flexibility vis-à-vis the reading terminals
  • Better fit of pages , columns and images when reducing the main window
  • speed of use and load pages on small devices that display only the essentials in the right format
  • saving of time and money vis-a-vis links redirects, computer maintenance and development costs
  • The assurance of a single URL allows the development of marketing campaigns
  • better shopping experience with e-commerce sites

Responsive Design and SEO

There are many advantages to referencing a Responsive site. This is also an asset it offers a real solution to the user experience according to the desired use.

At the level of SEO , being able to preview the image of the site before clicking on the link in the search results is a real advantage.

The speed of loading pages and the fact that there is only one URL facilitates the indexing of these for search engine robots and promotes the correct positioning. The unique URL also allows incoming links to point only to it.

Add:  Google has announced that from April 21, 2015, mobile compatibility will be part of its ranking criteria .

You can contact us for any request for redesign of the showcase website or redesign of e-commerce site .

In conclusion, even if the initial investment is necessary to develop the site and make it responsive, the resulting benefits are largely consistent and beneficial over the long term .