What Is The Link Juice In The SEO?

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The link or backlink is one of the fatal weapons of natural referencing in terms of leverage that can be activated by SEO and SEO experts in France and Navarre. But as Google has understood and he knows the dependence of his algorithm to this factor that he wanted to determine the creative, he tries (in vain will say laughing laughter black hat SEO who read us) to make sure that it is not possible to fool him especially with the Google Penguin filter. If he tries to fight against those who abuse links, it is because the weight given to them is very important among the many criteria taken into account by the algorithm. And the weight given will be better than the link juice will be good. But then comes the question that you ask yourself and that brings us this day: what is the link juice ?

  1. The link juice or juice link, what is it?
  2. Pictorial representation
  3. Some good practices in SEO
  4. Distribute the link juice quantitatively
  5. Distribute link juice qualitatively
  6. Internally and externally

Definition of SEO link Juice

When we talk about natural referencing, the link juice or literally in French ” juice link “, also called Google Juice , defines the weight or potential that you transmit to the page to which you make this link or backlink.

It must be understood that in the eyes of Google (more than those of other search engines), a link to a web page is a form of vote, credit granted to this web page. Because so many SEOs are trying to get around the guidelines, they sometimes use and abuse backlinks, Google’s initial drive, giving considerable weight to the links it is now dependent on (which is why it uses algorithmic filters instead that to review the heart of the algorithm which would represent something much more complex and expensive), was at least legitimate. Since the hyperlink on the Web is a form of voting for a page or content, the more links a page receives, the more we can consider that this page is popular and more it is consistent that Google gives it a place of choice in its search results page on the expressions for which it seems semantically meet the need of the user. A commendable will therefore.

After this large parenthesis, let’s resume the thread. The SEO link juice , therefore defines what you transmit in juice to the page that receives the link. For simplicity, say that the more potential a page has (popularity, seniority, quality of content, etc.) and the more the link juice that you receive from this page if it links to one of your pages will be qualitative. Attention, we are talking here, all things being equal, but we will come back to it later. Finally, if an expert SEO consultant will know faster than the average detect a page on which the link juice obtained would be beneficial, he will not hesitate to audit to use one or more tools of his choice that will give him valuable indicators . In our Lille SEO agency we are quite fond of Majestic SEO, but there are others.

Representation of the link juice

More than just words, an image of what this “link juice” represents, particularly appreciated in on – page SEO optimization :

In this representation, the incoming links on the home page allow to bring a boost (represented in the past by the PageRank) to the internal pages of the site. The diffusion representation of the juice is equal to the number of dofollow links on the page. When we talk about the importance of backlinks …

Some good practices in SEO

Now that you know what the link juice is about SEO, you have to make a few things about it. For some of them we have already addressed them on many occasions on the site or elsewhere, but it is essential to insist on this. You can consider that each page has a “potential” or “budget jus” or “capital jus”. Since there is the term of juice and the links bring very clearly vitamins to convert your referencing in the index to a good positioning in the results of the search engines, so without further delay an analogy with a bottle of juice orange to make you aware of the importance of distribution and the importance of thinking about the distribution of the link juice .

Distribute the link juice quantitatively

Imagine that every page of your website is a brick of orange juice. If it’s a one-liter brick, and you give 50 centilitres of juice to Peter and 50 centilitres of juice to Paul. You gave them as much to one as to the other, but you still give them something you do not give to anyone. Then, it must be seen that the more give, the less each person who will receive will be provided quantitatively. Now, if Pierre is the type not to have ADSL and Paul is a hyperactive recognized, you probably divide the doses differently, or you give all the orange juice to Pierre.

Distribute link juice qualitatively

Then it’s up to you – to spin the metaphor to the end and understand the importance of thinking through your connections – to “give people what they want” and what they need depending on what you have. So, you give all the orange juice to Peter, but you give all the chamomile to Paul. With your pages, it’s the same. Then you have to find the right dosage and the right product so that nobody misses anything, knowing that some have more needs than others. In the case of your website, your pages which have a positioning objective with a stronger competition and / or priority objectives will have more needs, but it is also necessary to find the good alchemy for the link juice to be of quality. And that’s why, A priori , if you do SEO in the Hauts-de-France and your article deals with a return on a SEO event in Lille that you attended, a link to a producer of Perigord truffles and stupidly reduce the quality of link juice that you will transmit to the sites of the various SEO consultant who animated the event in question.