What Is The Concept Of An SEO, And What Are Its Types?

What Are The Types Of Off Page SEO?
Some Tips Before Hiring An Affordable SEO Company

There is not a single SEO but several types of SEO each with its own characteristics. Optimization in search engines is a technique that allows you to position yourself, if you do it right, in the first results of the search engines. It can be said that all the companies that have an online presence, work the SEO techniques that interest them.

But, what types of SEO are there? What are the different SEO techniques that can be applied in a company? SEO practices, will give you greater visibility in search engines and, therefore, higher profits.

Types of SEO

1.- White Hat SEO

The White Hat SEO technique is one of the most popular types of SEO. It is based on using methods and techniques to improve the positioning without conflicting with the guidelines of the search engines. 

The White hat SEO, is considered very correct for its approach, as it follows the algorithms of Google and other search engines and does not aim to exploit the gaps that these tools have . The most used White Hat SEO techniques are:

  • The development of high quality content on the website.
  • HTML optimization
  • Campaigns to acquire links naturally or backed by interesting content, value and quality.
  • The restructuring of the website.

The practices listed under the techniques of White Hat SEO give long-term results, are techniques that need a lot of work and dedication to bear fruit. However, when you get it, these results are very durable over time. When you choose this type of SEO, you should keep in mind that the growth is gradual but constant.

2.- Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO refers, within the types of SEO, to the most illegitimate . It is a technique that tries to look for the different weaknesses in the algorithms of the search engines with the aim of making a trap and being in the top of the SERP.

The Black hat SEO, includes practices that go against the guidelines provided by Google and the general algorithms of Google. Therefore, practices under the Black hat SEO label are considered illegal traps.

This type of SEO method does not agree with the SEO guidelines established by the search engines and especially by Google. Some of the practices of Black Hat SEO are:

  • Fill in keywords.
  • SPAM links.
  • Hidden texts
  • Hidden links

This type of practices are very unethical and confuse users a lot. They may be effective in the short term but the long-term consequences are devastating. You will fall from the search engine ranking to a remote location. More information about what Black Hat SEO is .

3.- Gray Hat SEO

In addition to the two types of SEO mentioned, there is also the Gray Hat SEO. This technique is nothing more than a mix between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. It entered into practice due to the need of some SEO experts to show short-term results to their clients.

There are times when Gray Hat SEO techniques are applied that are a bit in the limbo of the ethics and the legitimacy of the strategy. They do not cross the line like Black Hat SEO. They are techniques that accelerate the process of improving the optimization without altering the algorithms of the search engines.

Types of SEO according to actions carried out: SEO on page and SEO off page

SEO on page refers to the SEO activities that are carried out on the platform that will be published . They are techniques that are carried out while the creation of the web or blog is being carried out. This type of SEO is part of the tasks that help optimize a page to appear at the top of the results.

SEO off page, however, refers to the activities that are carried out on the platform once the page has been published . This type of SEO, it is said off page, because it is not done internally on the web but is more related to the maintenance of the positioning.

Types of SEO techniques on page


Backlinks to credible sites increase page authority. It is about creating links pointing to websites that have more authority to give greater credibility to the content.

Also, if you have multiple backlinks to an authorized site, there are chances that you can create collaborations in the future. In this way, it will improve the traffic of your website.

Enter the keywords in order of priority

The keywords of a website should be organized by priority. That is, organized by categories. The main keywords should appear at least 8-15 times in a content of 1500-225 words. At the same time, all secondary keywords must appear at least once in all content.

Google spiders crawl content to understand the context of the content through these keywords. Therefore, it is important to work well on keywords in SEO strategies. You must enter these keywords in such a way that you help the search engines to better understand the content.

Tags, meta description and attributes alt

Tags, meta description and alt attributes are an important part of SEO on page. Meta tags help you understand secondary keywords. They help Google to better track and understand the content that has been published on the page.

A meta description can never be missing. It is an essential element in any of the types of SEO. Determine whether or not the user clicks on your website. The alt attributes are also an indispensable requirement for these types of SEO. They help users to read what the content of the image is about if it is, by some chance, not displayed correctly.

SEO image

Optimize your SEO images to create a link to the content where that image appears. In Google searches, that optimized image will appear and will lead to the original source where that image is found. In this way, you will improve your web traffic.

Internal links

Internal links work as backlinks. You must make your website is connected internally to, on the one hand, not lose the user and accompany him on the navigation of your website. But, on the other hand, to work the structure of links through this technique. The same with the internal links of blogs. It is a very common practice to introduce interesting links or suggestions of topics at the end of the posts. It is an attempt to retain the user.

Structure of the URL

Adjust your URLs to be related to the keywords, this will increase the visibility of your blog. If your URL matches the keywords that the user has used to perform the search, your chances of appearing in the results soar. Leave the URLs clean and remove all kinds of unnecessary characters.

Types of SEO techniques off page


As a content marketing strategy, you will be writing content for your digital platforms. Adapt that content for each medium and share it. Use, for example, content that you have created in your blogs for your social networks.

You do not know how many people are interested in what you write, your publication may become viral. And if not, it will be part of your SEO strategy because you can create backlinks that point to your blog or website.


As you may have noticed, on Facebook, the commented posts automatically appear in the news. The comments of the social networks also appear in the search engines. You can use this content to increase the possibilities of viewing through the search engines. The more you comment and the more you participate in your community, the better valued it will be and the more options you will have to appear.

I like you and qualifications

I like them and the ratings work just like the comments. The more you have, the greater the interactivity with your pages. Therefore, your credibility and page authority will be greater.

What is the user looking for?

One of the most important aspects of SEO off page is knowing your buyer person. Take time to analyze your potential customers and those who are loyal and determine what kind of content interests each one. Investigating your needs is crucial in these types of SEO strategies.

Search your own identity

While you respond to comments and queries on social networks or the blog, you can create your own brand and your own speech that will differentiate you from the competition. Find out what is the best way to interact with the user and create your own forms of communication.

Establish codes, create natural relationships and be yourself. Nothing is appreciated more than a close and accessible brand. The more you connect with the audience, the more familiar users will be with your brand.