What is the best tool for SEO keyword analysis?

What is the best keyword research technique in SEO?
What SEO strategies have worked for you?

Keyword Analysis – 17free tools

As in any Hollywood movie, keyword analysis is the first act in an SEO strategy . Therefore the analysis of keywords represents the base where our SEO strategy will be supported, so it is fundamental, an appropriate and correct choice of these keywords.

What happens if we forget to perform this keyword analysis?

I hope that this is not your case, since it is a very serious flaw in an SEO strategy, but why? The answer is very simple; If we are going to perform the SEO of our business and we have not compiled a list of keywords, it is likely that we dedicate efforts to position keywords, that do not generate the desired visitor traffic or that we try to position a keyword with a very high level of competence.

That is why we should never forget the fact that we must perform this keyword analysis. The next step will be to filter those 10 most important terms and in which we would like to enter the Top 10 of Google.

What SEO tools can we use for keyword analysis?

There are free and paid SEO tools that allow us to compile our list of keywords, but I will only tell you about the 17 most important or representative ones.

1.- Keyword Planner (formerly Google Keyword Tool)

The change of Google’s tool par excellence, has not left indifferent to SEO from around the world, but the truth is that if we look at it thoroughly we can find some interesting improvements.

This SEO tool allows us to perform local searches by cities, and in this way to know in an exact and concrete way, the monthly search number of that keyword.

Another aspect that incorporates is to see the trend of that keyword, a feature similar to Google Trends and that can be useful.

2.- Sistrix

A very complete SEO and Social tool, with which we can also analyze keywords and which can be very interesting to use. We can for example compare the results obtained with the Google tool, and thus have more information about our keywords.

3.- Word Tracker

Wordtracker gives us a large number of keywords for our analysis. It also informs you of the volume of searches, of the competition, of the tendencies and of the CPC.

But perhaps, the most striking aspect is that it tells you if a keyword is worth working your SEO or not.

Analysis of correlated keywords

With the following SEO tools we can obtain similar words from a specific keyword. Most of these SEO tools are free.

4.- Google Correlate

It helps us detect attractive niches through a specific keyword. It is a free tool that allows us to complement the previous ones and add new keywords to our keywords list.

5.- Ubersuggest.

It suggests keywords very similar to a specific term, that is, it offers variations of that same keyword.

6.- Keywordbuzz

Similar to the previous SEO tool allows us to find multiple variations of a keyword.

7.- Soovle

It suggests words related to a specific term, but from different sources; Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

8.- Google Zeitgeist

This SEO tool allows you to identify search trends, as well as the most popular keywords in a specific country and for a specific year.

Keyword analysis based on the competition

Through keyword analysis of the competition we can get good keyword ideas, as well as see where each of our competitors are.

9.- Semrush

This SEO tool is, without a doubt, the best to perform an analysis of the keywords of our competition and get good ideas to make our list of keywords. It is a very complete SEO tool where we can easily find a large list of our competitors, see web traffic, payment announcements, etc.

10.-Keyword Spy

Analyze the keywords of the competition with this SEO tool.

11. Keyword eye

This application allows us to extract quickly, easily and visually the most important keywords of the competition.

12. SEO Book Keyword Tool

Tool for the analysis of very complete keywords, the only downside is that we can not use it for free, it is only available as a payment tool.

Analysis of Long Tail or Long Tail keywords

The keywords of long cast are the easiest to position and that allow us to find good niches of traffic in a very short interval of time.

13.- Market Samurai

Market samurai is a very good SEO tool to find very useful keywords.

14.- Long Tail Keyword-Tool

This SEO tool is fantastic for working long tail keywords or also known as Long Tail Keyword

Analysis of related keywords in the search engine

15.- Google Instant 

It allows to know the most popular keywords related to the terms that we are writing in real time in the Google search engine