What Is The Best Technique To Get Quality Back Links?

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How to get quality backlinks: 5 techniques that work

As Google updates, getting backlinks becomes more and more difficult. Yet there are “safe” techniques that can generate links from your audience. Here are 5 ways that I have regularly used for different sites that have been proven to have some.

1. Get links thanks to its content: do not laugh!

I know you’re re -blogged seo blog seo, and even Google tells you: to have quality backlinks, it must be “linkbait” through exciting content and useful to users … that’s for the nice story. If it is to have a paraphrased page of Wikipedia, no chance to have a link (or so we are in a ranking perspective and here it is not the same thing) in return.

So we must find a way to differentiate your content on the editorial aspect: by taking strong positions, a particular and non-neutral way of writing, even a controversy … (but then there attention to the flip side of the coin , you need to know what you’re embarking on), rare information, exclusive studies … or the aspect contained in its form: infographics, humorous illustration etc … to you to see.

The implication in your content, will make it not only more interesting for the user but also more “recognizable” and eventually can generate links without you asking anything.

2. Get backlinks by talking about influencers and making them aware!

You love a singer, a painter, a marketing superhero ? Make an article about him, share it on social networks and inform him (mail, private message ..). In a few cases, the person (or agent) can “like” or “repost” your article (and thank you for it) and make you visible to your community (which can link to you). This will bring you not only traffic but a signal to go further in the relationship which is detailed in point 3.

3.Realize interviews

You know that the influencer knows you, now dip the cookie by asking for an interview for your site. Either an audio / video interview but it can be complicated, or in most cases: a written interview. For this kind of person, it is very interesting content because it sprinkles an unknown community (yours) and you use its popularity. Usually he will share his interview massively and that’s all for you. Then you can put these personalities forward to solicit advertisers or brands and develop your business.

4.Create pretty visuals … and make sure they are not stolen by asking for a link back

If you have talents of graphic designer, take advantage of it to illustrate your articles of pretty unique visuals (Not those stitched on the royalty-free image banks). Not only will this give “value” to the image of your blog / site but above all you can use the reverse search of Google images or Tinyeye, to see if we do not sting them.

Rather than launch the lawyers, negotiate a brand link to your website against the use of your content, It works quite often .

5.Launch contests to get ‘natural’ backlinks

The community of competitors is not to neglect, launch a contest on your site relying on wide audience to be sure to water a maximum of people. There are so many contests on the net, that to launch in your corner, can ask you a lot of energy for not much. There are very good agencies that you ‘rent’ their base of competitors for not very expensive with very good returns on investment, you can also rely on a partner or influencer to have a side win / win (offering the winnings for example against its visibility). A little naturally, your competition will be relayed on specialized sites, otherwise, you can do it yourself. It’s up to you to be smart or advised to make the scheme of your contest ‘viral’.