In order not to remain in the shadows, SMEs and traders have every interest in pinning their company on the map (Google Maps).  It is essential for a good local SEO but that is not enough. We must also make sure to present the company in its best light and to highlight it in the long term, by communicating regularly (via Google + or YouTube ). In addition, local referencing also depends on customer reviews and the stars you will get. It’s the new word of mouth!

Google My Business (which I have already presented here ) allows you to manage all this very simply and efficiently. By validating and completing information about your business, you’re helping people find you on Google. It is an essentialtool for the geolocalisation of SMEs and a growth driver for local businesses .

3 factors influence your local seo


Google assesses how well your company matches the search initiated by the user.
It is therefore important to provide complete and detailed information to allow Google’s algorithm to feature prominently in its search results.

My advice

  • Choose the category that best represents you and matches the searches of users. This is an important relevance criterion for search engines.
  • Complete the profile of your company with precision. And if you hesitate, follow the instructions of Google


In terms of local referencing, the distance of a company from the location indicated in the search is of course a determining factor. And if no place is specified in the search, Google calculates the distance to the position of the computer or smartphone that issues the request (thanks to its IP address). Which also means that search results may be different if you are located in London, Brussels or Paris.

My advice

  • If you have multiple stores or offer your services in multiple cities or regions, do not forget to mention all these places on your local Google+ page, on your site and on social networks.


Google rates the popularity of your business relative to other similar businesses. The main signals he uses are:

  • The popularity of your website (number of links to it and quality of these links)
  • Comments and ratings from users. The more positive opinions you have, the better your local ranking will be.
  • The clickthrough rate and interactions with your Google+ Page
  • Your activity on social media

My Tip
Make your Google + Pro page live by posting tickets, links, images, videos, and more. You will give users the opportunity to react, share and disseminate information about you.

What brings you local SEO?

For a merchant or a local business, looking after your presentation on Google My Business has many advantages:

  • appear in the top trio of the local search (there are only 3 places left)
  • have information (times, addresses, etc.), photos, customer reviews, directly visible on Google
  • appear on the Google Maps of your city or region
  • get traffic stats to your Google+ Page

Best of all, local SEO is totally free , as Google says:

It is not possible to apply or pay for a better ranking on Google (local). The details of the search algorithm are kept confidential to ensure a ranking system that is as fair as possible for everyone.

An example worth more than a long speech, here is what I get as a local result for my query “hairstyle Etterbeek”. Where do you think customers will go?

Local SEO Has Beyond Google My Business

Setting up your Google My Business page correctly is obviously not the only way to optimize your local SEO. Here are three other tracks to follow:

  • Create local content on your site (and take the opportunity to mention your city or region in the title tags of the corresponding pages)
  • Multiply your presence on local directories (certainly the directories have disappeared but their digital equivalent is still often used, especially in some areas – ex: resto )
  • Create a local network around your business (by establishing links with local partners and referrals from one site to another – a truly “win-win” approach for everyone)