What is the best client portal tool for SEO?

What free tools do you use to track your keywords?
What is the best tool for checking SEO competition for a keyword?

These tools are the all-rounder among the SEO tools. They help you in all areas that you need in your SEO everyday life: Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, Content Optimization etc …

Metrics tools

Hammer horny and relatively new tool in the German market. The metrics tools cover everything you need to do SEO: rank tracking, keyword research, competitor analysis and more. The tool is very cheap for its performance. Absolute recommendation for beginners!
Conclusion: best tool in the category Allround SEO Tools. Value for money unbeatable.


Ahrefs is the absolute leader in SEO tools. Ahrefs has the largest backlink index, the best keyword research tool and by far the best competitor analysis. But also significantly more expensive than other tools in this category.
Conclusion: killer tool. Suitable for professionals.


SemRush gets the predicate “noteworthy” from me. Why? Because you can create a project there for free and use many functions of the software for free. If I was at the beginning today and still had no money for SEO software, I would start with SemRush.
Conclusion: You need a free all-round tool for your start in the SEO world? SemRush is the best choice.


One of the most powerful SEO tools in German-speaking countries. Its unique selling point: the visibility index (see picture 2 in the screenshots). Disadvantage: Sistrix is ​​divided into different modules and each module costs money separately (and not too tight).
Conclusion: Suitable for agencies and all those where money does not matter.


Robust SEO suite with all the important features. Nice clear presentation of all important information. Also cool: Xovi has an integrated page-speed monitoring and a text optimizer.
Conclusion: Comprehensive SEO suite with all important functions. Just register for free and see if it suits you.


The tool for OnPage nerds. Shows you all sorts of technical details about your website. Noteworthy: The integrated text optimizer – very nice! However, in the Freemium version OnPage.org offers only very limited functionality.
Conclusion: This tool is more for professionals and people who want to scan large pages for errors.


Nice little tool to analyze your website, optimize your OnPage factors and monitor your rankings. In the Freemium version, you can monitor 10 keywords for free. Very cool!
Conclusion: Nice little tool for rank tracking and on-page optimization. Free for 1 project. Good for beginners.