What Is SEO Tools?

What Is SEO And SEO Tool?
What Is The Best SEO Tools For Business?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO tools: These helpers help you with search engine optimization

SEO tools provide their users with essential help in many areas of search engine optimization. In addition to the backlink analysis as the core area of SEO more and more have come over time. For special tasks such as link management or on-page optimization, there are now special solutions that can be recommended as an alternative to the larger all-round and backlink tools.

In order to get order into the jungle of SEO tools, this article is therefore about the most important general criteria that SEO tools should cover. Above all, the usual all-round tools such as Sistrix, SEOmoz, Searchmetrics and backlink tools such as ahrefs are in the foreground. In a second step, tools that specialize in specific SEO areas will be presented.

One thing in advance: The perfect tool does not exist. While a rough comparison is nearly possible, the strengths and weaknesses of each tool vary too much to choose a winner. Instead, this article should make recommendations and show which tools are suitable for which use cases.

Backlinks – The SEO core discipline in view

An elementary part of most SEO tools are analyzes of the backlinks referring to their own domain. There are quite a few differences here. Especially foreign tools leave a positive impression in this regard. For example, we recommend the backlink data from ahrefs – in almost all tests the American representative was the leader. Similarly good data is obtained with cognitiveSEO – however, this aggregates the data of some tools, including those of ahrefs. SEOlytics and the LinkResearchTools use the data from the UK provider Majestic SEO.

Links and keywords

One of the core tasks of any SEO is the finding of new, interesting link sources from which you should refer to your own domain. Here can ahrefs and the LinkResearchTools score. Especially with the Link-Alerts of the LinkResearchTools you can quickly discover new link sources without much effort. SEOlytics also offers some interesting options like Domainfinder or Linkhunter.

In the meantime, some tools are able to document the daily work and successful link acquisition, be it aggregated or project-based. Searchmetrics has been offering this feature in the suite for a while, SEOlytics and XOVI as well. In addition to researching interesting link sources, finding new keywords for which a domain should rank is also essential. Well prepared this area is at Searchmetrics.

The monitoring of the positions of individual keywords within the search results is necessary in order to be able to understand progress or even regression of the SEO activities. Here are SEOlytics, XOVI and Searchmetrics, even if the prices sometimes vary greatly and generally the daily monitoring of many keywords is not favorable.

Keyword research and keyword monitoring tools

Keyword research and the monitoring of rankings are often essential parts of the all-round tools. But even in these areas, there are some alternatives that have specialized specifically in these topics.


For example, SEMrush is one of these Keyword Research tools. From the database of ten countries (DE, FR, US, UK, CA, RU, ES, IT, BR, AU) website owners can put together a keyword set for their domain and monitor the traffic of their ads on Google. Furthermore, the positions of the ads on Google and Facebook can be tracked and compared with the competition.

In addition to keyword research, SEMrush provides the ability to find the position of the organic search terms for a project, compare it to the competition, and perform a backlink check. However, the backlink data is not yet competitive. The German surface contains some linguistic bugs.

With Searchmetrics you can get a first overview of your own domain directly online.


A more sophisticated system is offered by SECockpit from Switzerland. From sources such as the Google Keyword Tool, Google Suggest, Google Related Searches and Google Adwords synonyms website owners can put together a keyword set for their website. Furthermore SECockpit offers the possibility to monitor own projects and to compare them with competitors. Access to SECockpit is available for 77 euros a month. With this an unlimited number of projects can be created and managed.

keyword monitor

Anyone who only relies on the monitoring of rankings and can actually do without all other features (visibilities, backlinks or the like) should take a look at the online tool Keyword  Monitor. This allows daily tracking of the positions of up to 2,500 keywords in currently 11 countries (more on request). The only downer: Keyword Monitor keeps no history of the rankings ready, so that developments can not retrospectively, but only from activation of the Keywords understand.

The API also allows SEOs to import and process values ​​such as PageRank, indexed pages and backlinks into their own solutions. To Keyword Monitor you should grab, if you need a tool that reliably delivers daily updated rankings that are consistently further internationalized. Compared to a complete solution, Keyword Monitor also saves you money. The smallest tariff starts already from 11,90 Euro monthly.

Link management tools

For some time now, there has been a need to document all processes of link marketing in one tool. From initial contact to the concrete implementation of a link often takes a lot of time and multiple contact chains are the rule. In larger companies, the complexity increases with the number of employees. There are currently two similarly built tools on the market that address this issue: linkbird and linkbutler.

linkbird and linkbutler

linkbird offers the more sophisticated system with many functions: link checking, ranking monitoring, partner and page management, task creation and prioritization, contact management by mail, rights management, reporting, customization, many interfaces and logins for customers. Although linkbutler offers similar features, but linkbird is mainly for country management, multilingualism and scalability for large and international companies and agencies interesting. Price but linkbutler is slightly cheaper, the starter version is available for 19 euros (one user) for monthly booking and linkbird for 29 euros. The linkbird agency version costs 99 euros per user, while linkbutler offers an enterprise version with 12 users for 299 euros per month.

Trend towards specialization

In the future, definitely new tools will appear, but not in the current breadth. The trend towards specialization will continue to grow, as comprehensive tools can only provide rough insights into search engine optimization, but not help with detailed analysis. The more complex SEO becomes – let’s take the topic Universal Search as an example – the more detailed evaluations the SEO tools have to deliver.

A tricky topic at the moment is Google’s approach to SEO tools, which access or scrape Google’s data without authorization and make it available to customers for a fee. This is explicitly prohibited by Google in the terms of use, but so far deliberately ignored by the tool providers. Some American tools such as SEOmoz, Ahrefs or Raven have already discontinued services such as the ahrefs keyword analysis tool and SEOmoz. The German SEO scene is looking forward to this, as most providers in this country can access their data in other ways. You probably have to get used to the fact that not only every year SEO declared dead, but also the end of the SEO tools is forecasted regularly.