What Is SEO Technically?

How is page speed calculated by Google SEO?
What’s the difference between Google SEO and Baidu SEO?

What is SEO and why should it be present when designing your website?

The SEO boosts your website is not enough to be on the Internet, think and work for that web serve for something. We insist, it’s not just being, you have to be for something.

We have heard by active and passive that if our business wants to prosper we must have an adequate web presence and open our line of business to the online world. Many stop at the hiring of a web hosting , the registration of a domain and someone make me the website with little more than the famous “who-are-where-we-are-location-contact”. Soon after they will begin to realize that the website is insufficient, that they should use social networks and take care of SEO. And this is when the word SEO begins to hammer our ears (or our eyes if we are readers).

Make a good website design , do things right from the beginning.

One thing that we must have clear is that it is better to do things well, than to do them twice, and therefore we must bet to have an online presence taking into account all its aspects, such as choosing the correct hosting, a domain that we Represent or have a web page design according to and technically adequate along with a strategy in social networks linked to our search engine positioning work.

Therefore we will try to give some ideas so that the SEO concept is clearer, and serve as an argument to be considered one of the most important parts of web design.

What is SEO?

Perhaps discovering its acronym in English we get the best definition of what SEO is : Search Engine Optimization, in Spanish Optimization for Search Engines, is the set of techniques used to improve the search engine positioning of a web page. This positioning is obtained naturally, and in the long term.

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Therefore, and viewed from the point of view of the user, SEO will facilitate that when we search for a term , the search engine will be able to return the most relevant results. And that’s when the work will have paid off, if we manage to be among the first results. Needless to say that getting to be in the first results multiply our visits and therefore most likely increase our sales.

Optimize our website for search engines is not easy, we will find hundreds of guidelines and good practices that also change quickly, because what you have to be clear is that it is a constant work and that bears long-term results.

SEO has two main major components that we will talk about in future posts , SEO On Page  and SEO Off Page .

Seo OnPage

Seo OnPage or internal positioning, are those actions that must be integrated in our website, and are related to design, with the appropriate selection of keywords in our content, with accessibility, navigability, use in mobile devices, labels in the code , web map and a long etcetera. Hence, we spoke at the beginning of why SEO should be present when building our website.

Seo OffPage

The external positioning, have to do with those actions that we can perform outside our website, such as the creation of a good structure of links to our website (link building), the creation of community in social networks or the promotion of our website through a blog. All this will improve our PageRank .

Now you know what SEO is and also that thanks to it you will be better positioned in search , since you will help search engines understand what you do and when you should show your website to your future clients, therefore you will get that your website is relevant and that it appears quickly in the search engines.

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