What is SEO analysis?

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August 4, 2018
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August 4, 2018

Any SEO strategy worthy of the name starts with an SEO analysis. This is usually what determines the quality of your visibility on the internet. But what is an SEO analysis and why is it important?

1- What is an SEO analysis?

SEO analysis, SEO audit, natural SEO audit … Regardless of its name, this is the first step of any SEO strategy . You know this technique which consists in positioning the pages of a site in the first natural results of the search engines? The SEO analysis is thus used to analyze and improve the different criteria (on-page / off-page) essential to a good SEO in search engines (Google, Bing …). 

Just like a diagnosis from your doctor that establishes your health, the audit seo analyzes the state of your site by sifting through many criteria. To do this, you can help yourself with the following tools:

  • Google Search Console  (free);
  • SEMrush (paying);
  • Screaming Frog  (free / paid);
  • Moz Pro  (paid);
  • Website Grader Hubspot  (free);
  • Woorank  (fee)

2- What are the main criteria analyzed during an SEO audit?

In general, here is a non-exhaustive list of the main elements analyzed during an SEO audit.

  • Performance of the pages (navigation, loading speed …);
  • SEO performance (positioning, monthly searches …);
  • Competitive analysis (positioning, links …);
  • Errors on the site (broken links, page 404 …);
  • Structure of pages (Hn tags …);
  • Responsive design (mobile and tablet compatibility of the site);
  • Duplicate content ;
  • Meta tags (description, title …);
  • Social networks  (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter …);
  • Images (alt text …);
  • Internal mesh ;
  • Domain name ;
  • Etc.

3- Is the tool sufficient to make a good audit?

We can not do an SEO audit without tools, we agree. But as the name suggests, it remains a “tool”. It’s all the work that comes after that determines the quality of your SEO strategy , and therefore your visibility on the Internet.

In the end, the tool will give you only quantitative data,  certainly essential, but will not be able to determine the quality of the user experience, your content, your meta-descriptions, the choice of your keywords , of your tree, etc. It will not tell you if your digital strategy is consistent with your industry, your objectives, your problems … This is where the concept of “strategy” comes into play.

4- Why is SEO analysis important?

Without an SEO analysis, it will be almost impossible to know how to optimize your pages to improve the positioning of these pages in search engine results. It’s a bit like taking medicine but not having a consultation with your doctor before. The SEO audit allows you to verify that your optimizations are carried out in the rules of the art, to identify the main axes of improvement and thus to direct your efforts towards the most impacting elements.

A good SEO audit will allow you to really improve the visibility of your website in the organic (or natural) results of the search engines. And thus to generate contacts more easily thanks to better conversions.

What are the SEO tools for?

Using competitive queries, it is not always easy to obtain clear and precise results. If you want more opportunities in business with your website and generate more leads, you need to master the tools of SEO analysis. The majority of marketers consider that this is an element that produces more impact on lead generation . And to be certain of the compatibility of your site with Google, you must regularly perform SEO analysis.

The parameters to take into account on the functioning of the search engines often prove complex. By providing you with the right SEO analysis tools, you will be able to have an inventory of your performance and what are the levers to put in motion.

The 5 SEO analysis tools to integrate:

1) Webmaster tools


Called also “Google Search Console”, Webmaster tools is a specialized tool for publishers who discount the SEO optimization of their website. By exploring pages and carefully analyzing the relevance of keywords, it goes through many SEO settings.

What’s the point ?

With Webmaster Tools, you can easily track the indexing of your site and your URLs in the search engine. A URL must always be clear and short and describe the central idea of ​​the page, indicating its position. In addition, this tool provides a lot of information about the security of your site.

By installing this Google service, you will have access to a dashboard reporting essential information on the site worked. Thus, in case of crawling errors, you only have to illustrate the volume of requests and indicate them on the indexed pages.


Specific features

Webmaster tools includes in its features a section to explore data and informs about the problems on your site in order to save the content. And when your robot can not access a page or a directory, you will be automatically alerted.

There is also another topic that removes the Google index in search results, especially when robots have indexed a page that is not relevant enough and whose content is not optimized. And vice versa, you can index pages when you’ve recently uploaded new content online.

2) Visiblis

What is it ?

The contents must be qualitative. At a time when duplicate content is preponderant, it must always be ensured that it is distributed in one version. Visiblis is a perfect tool for moving to an increased content analysis. With its rating system, you can easily acquire your blog articles.

With articles of more than 1000 words and well-highlighted keywords, you can understand what are the most wanted topics , and thus, correct the shot. Visibilis is the tool that will allow you to test the quality of your texts, improve it on an SEO plan.


Visibilis is the perfect tool to create a quality semantic body. You can therefore be referenced quickly and efficiently on Google. With its services and topics, even in beta, you can analyze your content and re-adapt according to the needs of your customers and take a better Google position.

3) SnippetOptimizer

What it is ?

SnippetOptimizer is a web page where you can write your meta-title and meta-description . If you want to see the metadata in real time on a specific page, you have chosen the right tool. This way, you’ll be able to write the descriptions right and give them a hard-hitting title to display in the Google search results.

Our favorite features

When we talk about SEO, we always refer to SnippetOptimizer. It is a simple and complete tool for setting up “rich snippets”. It gives you an overview of the options you have chosen such as the author, the date, the price, the notation or the words of your meta-description.

4) Oxatis

Zoom on Oxatis

Indeed, the positioning of your website on the pages of search results is dependent on the incoming links. This is why it is necessary to improve the performance of your site by improving the quality of your external links . To move to an increased analysis of websites and blogs, Oxatis is a good tool to optimize your links in just a few clicks.

The main features

With a rich text editor, you can easily create your links even if you do not have technical knowledge of HTML.

5) Can I Rank

Can I Rank, what is it?

It is a tool used to evaluate the number of queries by keyword. Can I Rank allows the webmarketer to know the relevance of keywords and position themselves more or a little less on this or that word. It gives the opportunity to compare itself to other competitors compared to SEO metrics.


It complements easily with other SEO analysis software such as MOZ or SEM Rush. By using a database of more than 200,000 websites, you will be able to determine the success factors of your marketing campaign. We can say that Can I Rank is an interesting tool although not offering an accurate analysis. The art of using SEO tools .

Every weakness or irregularity of a website, the SEO analysis tools detect it. By analyzing the criteria and the SEO strategy that you apply, you can come to a certain conclusion that changes must be made, such as the more precise presentation of content, site renaming, the creation of internal links.

Indeed, an SEO analysis can be started at any time during the life cycle of your website. And in this case, we always try to identify what are the impacts on traffic , which are the elements that deserve special attention. An e-commerce site to bear fruit must always be accessible. In addition, it must not contain JavaScript elements that are too difficult to analyze. We therefore recommend that you do not over-use Adobe Flash files because Google does not read them easily.