What is scannability and how to apply it to your content?

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At his site stay rate is low? While investing in the production of rich content and quality, your posts are not reaching the expected result?

I wonder what is causing this? You have used strategies to ensure that your content is scannable ? Know that this may be a possibility!

We can say that content is scannable when it allows a reader to be able to skim the text and be aware of what will be portrayed in it. Without, however, reveal everything that will be addressed in order to instigate the person’s curiosity.

In today’s post, we will show the importance of escaneabilidade for the production of content for the web, what is the relationship of this technique with SEO and finally give some tips to ensure that your content is scannable. Check out:

How important is escaneabilidade for the production of content for the web?

The routine of people is increasingly run. Many complain about the lack of time and create strategies to optimize the performance of all tasks. This trend, by the way, also affected the reading habits.

Before reading a post, for example, who accesses a blog will make a dynamic reading, watching key points and to assess whether that content will be of interest or not.

Therefore, escaneabilidade for producing content for web is important because it makes it more attractive text.

It is important that when posting any content on your blog you make the following questions: my content will make a difference for my player and help you solve your doubts?

You can be sure: if someone accesses a post your faces “text blocões” huge, the conclusion that the person will get is that reading is boring and tiresome. And the chance of your blog be exchanged for another, in seconds, is huge.

In addition to worrying about escaneabilidade, you should keep in mind that all visual aspects involving your blog exert influence on the user experience (UX) – making it positive or not.

Depending on the device by which the user accesses your blog, type and size of the chosen font, color palette used, the fact of being responsive and server performance will make all the difference.

If, for example, your blog takes more than 5 seconds to load, certainly who accesses will soon close its tab and look for one that offers so much quality content as well as a better experience.

So it’s very important that you:

  • make sure your blog is responsive and able to open with quality whatever the device that your reader will access it, such as computer, tablet, smartphone etc.
  • make sure that the chosen template has a clean code and not too weigh your blog;
  • avoid posting images and give heavy preference for that are in PNG format;
  • make sure that applications and widgets are not affecting performance.

What is the relationship between escaneabilidade and SEO?

In the last topic of this post, we’ll give some tips on how to ensure that your content scannable.

However, it is important that you already begin to put in the memory that will be necessary to use bullet points, split the text intertitles, avoid long paragraphs, among other tactics.

And if so far you have not convinced of the importance of escaneabilidade, know that it influences positively on SEO strategies.


The robots of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, check judiciously if your text is suitable for both their assessment as well as to ensure user satisfaction.

For example, one of the practices that contribute to improving rankeamento of a page is to use the keyword a few times throughout the text. This will help both the reader and the search engines to identify the subject portrayed.

However, as much as it is important that it appears more than once in your content, try not to go overboard. This practice may arouse distrust of robots and make your tiresome text.

Our guidance is that it appears at least 3 times in the text:

  • in the first paragraph;
  • whenever possible in a intertitle;
  • in the last paragraph.


Making hyperlinks is another tactic that will prove very effective in making your scannable text and contribute their SEO strategies .

While internal links increase the reader’s time spent on your blog, external links are used to spend more credibility and confidence when you’re talking about – should always be used when quoting research and data.

What to do to become a scannable content?

And if escaneabilidade is so important and beneficial for the production of content for the web, learn how to apply it is essential.

So remember the items mentioned in the introduction and logo that are essential to ensure that all your texts are scannable? We will further explain each of them:

Align text to the left

When reading an online content, a person has some behaviors that were called “standard reading in F”.

According to this pattern, to make sure that the information contained in a post is truly relevant and of interest to a user will:

  • skim the first two paragraphs;
  • vertically scan the entire left side of the content.

To facilitate this dynamic reading and make positive user experience the ideal is that their texts are aligned to the left .

This type of formatting is consistent with the move made by the reader’s eyes, which makes the appreciation of the most enjoyable and spontaneous text.

Use bullet points, bold italics

When you want to draw attention to some stretch or information in your text, using which type of resource?

Bullet points, for example, contribute to highlight and organize key information. But the bold, when used strategically, it creates focus of attention throughout the text.

By the way, it is very common to see in the keyword posts in bold. It is an appropriate tactic, but that should not be applied excessively.

Divide the text intertitles

Every post has a key issue, namely the theme that will be developed. However, to facilitate the reader’s understanding and make reading more enjoyable, it must be divided into topics – each intertitle must therefore address a different part of the key issue.

The intertitles are essential factors for the scanning of the content happen. When used strategically, can capture the attention of anyone who access the blog and be able to arouse curiosity, so continue reading.

You can invest in different types of intertitles depending on your intention for the post, such as:

Using the verb in the imperative

If you want your lead take certain attitude, it is ideal to use the verb in the imperative. Example:

  • Invest in escaneabilidade strategies
  • Keep up to date on market trends
  • Keep clean contents
  • Learn to partner with other businesses

Create numbered lists

Ideally, every text that has the title “X tips”, “X strategies”, “X benefits” etc., has the intertitles structured as a list, with each of the listed items. For example, if we say “X tips to be more healthy,” the intertitles could be:

  • 1. Upgrade your meal
  • 2. Practice physical activities
  • 3. Take plenty of water
  • 4. Sleep well
  • 5. Avoid alcohol

Provide benefits to the reader

The intertitle when presenting benefits passes the feeling the reader that it will come out winning somehow. A intertitle example would be:

  • Turn your knowledge into profit .
  • Organize your routine and be more productive.
  • Enhance your resume with these tips.

Ask questions

When intertitles have questions it is as if you were playing the possible questions your reader. Example:

  • What is escaneabilidade?
  • How to disseminate content on the Internet ?
  • What are the benefits of Content Marketing for my business?
  • What is the ideal social network for each type of business?

Whatever type of intertitle you will use, it is important that they are standardized and in line with the title.

Bet on tools that verify the escaneabilidade

Some tools can help you identify if your efforts are successful and the texts are scannable. Although most of them being in English, you can use them strategically.

For those who use WordPress, for example, he has the Yoast , a plugin that optimizes content for search engines.

Readability Test Tool and Free Readability Formulas are tools that are also useful and that they comply well with the role of analyzing the content of escaneabilidade.

Write short paragraphs

Have you noticed in the introduction to write text blocões is not a very clever strategy, right?

Therefore, one way of applying the escaneabilidade in content is writing short paragraphs and objectives. It is best that they have around 4 lines and about 50 words.

Invest in different types of content

To make your post more interesting and attractive to your persona, not enough to it to be well written.

One way to improve escaneabilidade and also win your reader is investing in different content.

In a videos , graphics, images, podcasts, polls etc.

You want a practical example? In one of our blog posts Community Content Rock, we have produced a post with more than 100 Portuguese errors which are very common.

Over time, we feel the need to update it and thus make it even richer for our audience. That’s when we decided to create an infographic to complement it.

Now that you know the importance of escaneabilidade and also the benefits, do not hesitate and follow our tips to apply it in their texts !

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