What is prospect and why can not your business live without it?

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In digital marketing, there are several terms to define potential customers according to the stage of each in the sales funnel .

You’ve probably heard of leads and prospects , and more than two profiles are important in the buying journey, the best strategies for achieving them must be specific and differentiated.

Having no knowledge of the profile of each of these possible consumers can make your brand is too invasive who is not ready, or very shallow who is ready to receive a more direct approach.

To clarify the differences between the two potential buyers profiles, in today’s text, we will explain what defines a prospect.

To identify its features, you will understand why it is so important to the success of your digital business!

What is prospect?

Prospect is a person who seeks information on subjects you approach and, therefore, comes into contact with your brand at a certain time.

This customer profile generally is in the early stage of the buying journey, in which the user has not identified a need and therefore are not qualified or has the intention of making a purchase.

Due to the lack of a problem that needs to be solved, the prospect usually has little – if any – information about your brand and still view the benefits that may have to buy what you offer.

The person who is within this profile should be encouraged to build a relationship with your business, since at this time, she has not given permission for you to start a direct contact with her.

The prospect is then that person you need to educate on the subject that you approach and help identify a problem or improvement opportunity, the solution would be your product or service.

His approach to this public should focus on their pain, interests and desires, and never in what you are selling.

It may seem counterintuitive not advertise, since their interest is to sell. But it’s just as well that the prospect will feel confident to provide their contact information or forward in the buying process.  

What is the difference between lead and prospect?

As we mentioned earlier in the text, the difference between these two classifications usually generates many doubts and may hinder assertive communication with your audience.

But do not worry, come answer your questions!

We call lead one potential customer, and show interest in what you offer, fits the profile of his persona and has real potential purchase.

Thus, for a person to be considered a lead, it is necessary that it has already identified a problem, start the search for solutions and authorized your brand speak it with directly or filling out a form, making a free trial or downloading any materials educational.  

Unlike prospect, the lead interacts with your brand, consumes its contents actively and is more fit and near the checkout.

Where the prospect fits into the sales funnel?

Based on this definition, it has to realize that the prospect is still at the beginning of your journey and the buyer needs incentives to advance the process.

So that interest becomes real intention and finally in buying action, missing many steps to be given by both the prospective client and for his company. With the prospect, you should focus on attracting this audience with educational content and useful to your needs.  

This is exactly why it is so important to pay attention to people who fit this profile!

This is the best time for you to awaken the curiosity of your prospects, educating them about a subject that they have not yet mastered and provide a good experience for them to create a trusting relationship with your company, which can lead to the purchase.  

7 Tips to convert your prospects into customers

So you can harness the potential of the prospects, you need to pay attention to some details and bet on strategies right.

The better your communication with these users, the greater the chance of getting them advance in the sales funnel and become consumers of their products or services.

Check out the 7 tips that have prepared for you to succeed in the mission to transform prospects into qualified leads.  

1. Invest in quality content

One of the first precautions that you should take is with the content sharing.

You need to deliver quality content, passing a professional image of your business and confirm their authority in the niche in which it operates.

It is not intended to direct advertisements, with the intention of just selling a product, as well as sound very invasive, this is a technique that usually does not bring good results.

Instead, invest in the dissemination of relevant information, attractive and valuable to your prospects to nourish your relationship and build trust and credibility.

If you deliver value to prospects, increases the chances of them identify with what you share, visualize problems that had not been noticed and conclude that your business is the ideal choice for them at that time.

2. Know and apply SEO techniques

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is the set of site optimization techniques to help improve the position of a page in search engines.

Knowing the strategies and apply them to your page will help your business to stay on top of Google and other search engines, attract more traffic and thus create more opportunities for new business.

These are some of the items that should be considered when working with SEO:

  • size of the texts;
  • use of images;
  • quality, size and content of securities;
  • internal and external links;
  • use of heading tags, among others.

If you have questions, you can consult our complete guide to SEO .

3. Have a responsive page

The technology enables people to have access to various content formats not only on their computers and laptops, but also on mobile phones and tablets.

To offer a pleasant and positive experience in any of these devices,   your page should be responsive and adapt to different screen sizes.

Remember that most people today have access the mobile Internet . So it is important to focus on providing a good experience for your prospects, so they keep visiting your page.  

4. Segment and its campaigns

Investing in organic strategies is the best way to increase traffic to your continuous and sustainable manner page. But the ads, especially in research networks like Google, you can speed up this process, albeit with low investment.

However, to ensure that your campaigns have good acceptance, engage users and capture customers , it is critical to use the tools advertisements to target them.  

Try to pass a message to a very broad group of people difficult and impoverishes communication, since not all have the same interests, language and understanding of what you will share.

Betting on targeted campaigns for keywords and target audience gives more assertiveness to their marketing strategies and ensures better results because you are aligning your language to specific needs and speaking with a more qualified audience.

Check out the tips of our experts that can help you when creating good ads.

5. Create good call to action

Call to action (CTA) is a call to action, that is, an indication of the next step that should be given the prospect that it gets where you want.

A good CTA should be able to guide the prospective customer by buying journey, without, for this, you need to use invasive techniques, just showing how your solution can add more value to him or help you solve a problem.

Let’s take an example for clarity:

Nayara have a site about natural products, mainly aesthetic products or hair. She then decides to create a video showing how to make masks for hair oils extracted from plants and trees.

In exchange for this content, it suggests that the site visitors to enroll on your page to be notified whenever there are other videos on the subject, using the call-to-action “Sign up to receive our tutorials by email.” Simple and straightforward, right?  

To clearly show their intentions CTA, focus on objective messages, attractive, related content and are prepared in short texts. Verbs in the imperative to check or do, and offer really advantageous benefits for users are excellent call to actions.

It is also important to your well positioned and visible button on the page to prevent the user to disperse before performing the action and, of course, carry out many tests to see which version converts more users.  

6. Provide educational materials for free

As the prospect is in the initial stage of the sales funnel, still needs to be drawn to know your brand.

Offer free educational materials such as ebooks , infographics , and exclusive tools, it is an efficient way to help prospects to convert into customers .

The more you educate your prospective client with content related to the topic you address, the more likely identify pain and problems and start thinking about solutions to them.

7. Invest in multiple communication channels

Establish channels of communication with your audience facilitates interaction and can be useful to transform both prospects into leads, such as leads into customers.

You can have a blog , create a YouTube channel and have profiles on social networks to share attractive and quality content to users.

These channels of communication, you begin to build a relationship with your followers, which increases engagement and interest in what you have to offer.

Using these tools also allows for you to interact with the public, answer your questions and doubts and can closely monitor what are the strategies that bring better results, what kind of information people are searching for on your page, what is the best language to approach your prospects, etc.

You are now ready to start!

Now you know what a prospect and the importance of knowing talk to him to achieve good results in your business. So it’s time to put what you learn into practice, to reach more customers and increase your sales!

If you are now starting its activities in digital entrepreneurship, check out this guide, all you need to know to make your first sale online .