What is neuromarketing? Fernando Kimura explains and gives tips on the subject at Studio RD Summit

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You’ve heard about neuromarketing? Is it a fashionable term, or it can add value to your business?

A leading expert in neuromarketing in Brazil, Fernando Kimura says that the concept arose from the junction of the areas of neuroscience and marketing, seeking explanations for consumer behavior.

He says that a known area name is Martin Lindstrom, who began research interested in understanding the consumer’s mind. In his book The Consumer Logic (or Buyology , in the original English), the author made several tests to find out if people prefer Coke or Pepsi, if the images on cigarette packaging make people stop smoking, among others , and encontrou conflitantes resultados.

He concluded that “the reason answered something, and the unconscious answered another,” says Fernando Kimura.

People buy unconscious values. (…) Simply by changing the way I write, I create feelings in people’s brains and can best be seen on that account.

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Other points commentaries by Fernando Kimura were:

  • As the unconscious influences how people buy
  • The importance of writing, packaging and other attributes in attracting potential customers;
  • The role of social networks to create emotional engagement with the consumer.
  • reading tips for those who want to know more.