What Is Keyword Stemming?

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Grouped phrases using a stemming algorithm in a keyword analysis

If you have ever done a keyword analysis in Spanish, you probably have used the GOOGLE ADWORDS keyword tool (mainly because it is a good resource and because there are no good Keyword Research tools focused on other languages ​​other than English).

the tool suggests around phrases with which GOOGLE users perform their searches related to the phrases you have indicated; In addition, you can segment by Spanish from Spain or their respective and rich localisms of Spanish America.

This information will be the basis of the keyword analysis. The list you get contains a lot of phrase variations, for example:

  • buy clothes online
  • buy clothes online
  • buy internet clothes
  • online shopping for clothes
  • buy clothes on the internet …

Previous phase: initial “objective” keywords

Before working with the keyword suggestion tool of ADWORDS (there are no good keyword research tools in Spanish), it is convenient to extract some initial phrases that will help us to “pull the thread”, for this I recommend that you make an initial list. The following tools can be very helpful:

  • Übersuggest
  • Google Suggest Tool by Isaac Sunyer

How can we group the phrases in a keyword analysis

I separate each word of each sentence and reduce it to its root using an Excel macro or using a Javascript for GOOGLE SPREADSHEET that I have programmed for a long time and whose base is a stemming algorithm ; then I look at which phrases contain those roots and with a pivot table I group them (ignoring the stopwords as: prepositions, etc.).

The stemming is a method to reduce a word to its root (the algorithm of stemming is very important in information retrieval systems).

You have the result of the stemming of the sentences grouped in an EXCEL pivot table in the image that the post illustrates.