What Is Digital Marketing & SEO Types?

What Are Some Tips For A Small SEO Website?
What Is On-Page SEO In Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing or digital marketing is a universe that brings together multiple practices using digital channels, in order to achieve specific objectives and if possible measurable. But what is digital marketing exactly and what is it?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all marketing techniques used on digital media and channels to promote products and services. In digital marketing comes an essential notion, interactivity. We can also talk about webmarketing since the difference is mainly related to the environment, here internet.

Digital marketing unlike traditional marketing puts the customer at the heart of its strategy. Digital marketing comes from two developments: Internet-related marketing applications and those related to new information and communication technologies.

In this article defining digital marketing, we will present it in its different forms. We can mention among others, emailing, SEO or SEO , commercial links etc.

Types of SEO

Finally, SEO is what? You’ve heard about it all over the web and yet you still swim through some of the most twisted definitions.

In the literal sense, referencing is referring to something or referring to it. In webmarketing, SEO is to improve the visibility of a result (page, image, video) within the search engines. This SEO can be natural (SEO) or paid via the advertising agencies of the various search engines (Google AdWords for Google for example).

In France, we will focus primarily on SEO in the search engine of the American giant, Google. Conversely, abroad, we will focus on engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Baidu (Chinese engine). SEO will then take on an international dimension.

On a smaller scale and if you have a small physical shop, we will look more at the local SEO that will make sense. Other types of SEO exist such as SEO in Google News, image referencing or video referencing, for example.

Natural and / or paid SEO

The natural referencing that is sometimes nicknamed organic SEO is also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO refers to a set of techniques to improve the positioning of a site within search engines. The natural results are displayed in the engine in the form of organic links. This is the result provided by a relevance algorithm.

Conversely, paid search can display a page of its website in the search engine by using the purchase of sponsored links. We are talking about SEA for Search Engine Advertising. On Google, you have to use the Google AdWords platform to set up commercial ads. On Baidu we will use Baidu Tuiguang whose CPC is 10% more expensive than on AdWords.

International & multilingual referencing

The multilingual or international SEO goes beyond simple translation of content. We do not refer in the same way a site for a Chinese public and a site for a Brazilian public. The culture, the expectations and the modes of navigation on the web will have an impact on your international referencing. In China for example, the mobile represents 80% of market share. An unsuitable mobile site would have no chance of success in the Chinese market.

Legal and political issues can also play a role in your multilingual strategy. Finally, many technical criteria are to be implemented to hope to have a good positioning abroad.

Local SEO (or Local SEO)

Do you have an activity whose business depends mainly on a local area? Your target is only present in one city or in a local restricted area (region, department, etc.)? So local SEO should please you.

Local SEO is about maximizing the visibility of your site in search engines based on local queries and geolocation of users .

One of the first steps will probably be to create a Google My Business listing to reference your business. Then, multiple optimizations on-site will be to put in place:

  • Optimization of classic SEO tags but optimized according to the area to target
  • Adding LocalBusiness microdata
  • Geolocated semantic cocoon creation
  • Creating blog post to local dimension
  • etc.

A final step will be to obtain local links as well as social references from the area you are targeting.

Video referencing

A search engine like Google does not display only “organic link” type results. It also offers different results like video via its Youtube platform. The latter is also the second most used search engine in the world after Google.

The video SEO will allow you to appear directly in one page, a result of the video type. This is an additional way to be present on a search engine. One more possibility that must not be neglected and that is almost indispensable on certain requests.

Google News referencing

Some actors on the web offer a lot of articles classified in different categories. This is the case of the online press for example. Their survival is only the system represented by Google News and offers results like “News” in the search engine of Google.

The Google News SEO will allow one hand to get your presence in Google News then optimize that presence by gaining some valuable positions. A presence in Google News will guarantee a very interesting traffic increase for your website. Unfortunately, getting a right of access will not be easy.

Image referencing

Finally, the engine also offers image results within its engine. Optimizing images within your content pages will be very important. The picture traffic sometimes a very interesting percentage in certain sectors.

The referencing of images starts as soon as the image is chosen. Some technical criteria will also help improve your visibility in Google Image. The quality of the content that will surround the image will also be essential. Finally, the pages where your images will be placed must receive thematic and trusted links to Google.