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You may have heard that understand the digital marketing is something mandatory for those who embarks on the Internet .

But do you really know what is digital marketing?

Despite being a very common term in the online market, many people who work on the Internet do not yet know well the concept. That’s why, in this post, we’ll explain everything on the subject.

You will understand the differences and the advantages of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing.

Then we analyze the characteristics of all the communication channels that you can use the Internet to make digital marketing: website, blog, social networking, email marketing, ads and more!

In addition, we will cover some very important concepts such as CRO, search marketing and SEO . And lastly, we will show you how to ensure that the production strategies and promoting their products are efficient.

Follow this comprehensive guide on digital marketing and become an expert in this subject now!

X digital marketing traditional marketing

To begin to understand the differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing, you need, first of all, understand what is marketing.

Marketing is the set of strategies to promote a brand or product .

You know the advertising you see on television? Those product tastings in the supermarket or that free sample of perfume that gave you at the mall?

These are examples of traditional marketing strategies .

Digital marketing is very similar to the traditional, since its goal is also to promote a brand or product. The difference is that it is done on the internet.

Being an online strategy, you use tools such as websites, blogs, social networks, videos and applications for mobile phones to disseminate your business.

You know these advertising banners that you see around the internet? That e-mail with offers that you have received or an ebook you downloaded for free?

These are examples of digital marketing strategies.

Advantages of digital marketing

The big difference is that the digital marketing on the Internet, you can analyze the metrics result of actions in real time. Already in offline marketing, you only get an estimate of how many people watched a commercial on TV or saw a billboard on the street, for example.

In digital marketing it is possible to know exactly how many people clicked on your ad, how many of those people downloaded his ebook, how many bought your product, and so on.

With this data, you can test different strategies and to correct any errors if necessary.

For example:

Suppose you sent an e-mail marketing leads for your base, but very few people opened the email. When you’re sending this email to new people, you can change the title and see if your open rate increased.

The great benefit of these tests is to increase the conversion rates of your marketing actions. This practice is called CRO, English, Conversion Rate Optimization , which in Portuguese means optimizing conversion rates.

Another advantage is that, on the Internet, it’s easier to target your campaigns to a certain age group, target by gender, by personal interests and various other features.

This increases the assertiveness of their strategies, as well, you can target your campaigns to people who have the same profile as your persona . Also, the internet, you can reach people around the world.

Digital marketing is also more affordable and feasible for entrepreneurs and smaller enterprises.

For example: pay for 30 seconds of TV advertising can be very expensive while online advertising strategies usually cost much less. Sometimes out almost for free!

If you want to know how to generate free traffic, you will need to use content marketing , which is one of the digital marketing strategies.

We made a very cool Hotmart Tips on this subject, which you can watch right now:

digital marketing communication channels

Now that you understand the advantages of digital marketing, it’s time to know which communication channels you can create your outreach strategies.

web pages

Web pages are one of the most popular communication channels on the Internet. Some examples are:

  • site ,
  • blog ,
  • Capture pages and
  • Sales pages .

Social networks

Another indispensable channel online marketing are the social networks such as:

  • Facebook ,
  • Instagram ,
  • Twitter ,
  • LinkedIn ,
  • Pinterest and
  • YouTube .

Deciding which of these networks you will use depends a lot on your type of business.


Among the social networks, we cite YouTube, and this brings us to another of the digital marketing tool: the videos, which are increasingly assisted by those who use the internet.

You can use videos to provide relevant content to your audience in a similar function to that of blogs. And if you want, you can also make video ads.

E-mail marketing

Another channel often used in digital marketing is email marketing , which consists of sending commercial messages by email.

You’ve received several e-mails like that, right?

The marketing emails are sent in the form of campaign, ie each message is sent to a list of people interested in what the company offers.

They are very useful to build a relationship of trust between the company and its public, and can have several different functions:

  • Making the supply of a product;
  • Ask for donations or subscriptions for a cause;
  • Deliver a free educational materials;
  • Send a content that is useful and to help the company to create a stronger connection with the recipient.

paid media

Still in communication channels, there are also paid media, who are online ads that you pay to serve. There are several ad formats.

The first thing we will mention here are the ad display network , which are these banners you see around the internet, you know?

Another format is the native ads , ads that are displayed as if they were a normal part of the page.

For example, an advertising material that appears in a news content site like a common news in the midst of their own news site. Or a photo posted on Instagram that normally appears in your feed.

Native advertising always comes with an indication of “Sponsored”. The advantage of this format is to make advertising campaigns without interfering with navigation and user experience. Moreover, with this type of ad, you offer relevant content for your persona while promoting your brand or product.

The third type are video ads, which are common on YouTube, for example.

And the fourth and final format is the sponsored link, also called the search ad network.

You know when you search for any keyword in Google and the first results are announcements?

So this is the sponsored link. The company pays to appear highlighted whenever someone searches for that keyword, and you can do this also to promote a page of your business.

The sponsored link even takes us to a very important concept of digital marketing, without which no good digital marketing strategy survives. It is the SEM, English, Search Engine Marketing , which in Portuguese means Search Marketing, and thats about it we will talk now.

What is search engine marketing?

The search marketing is to improve the ranking of your pages in search engines, like Google. After all, the best position in the search, the greater the likelihood that the user clicks on your page.

One way to do this are the sponsored links, of which just talked about. But there is another way: SEO , English, Search Engine Optimization , or in Portuguese, optimization for search engines.

The SEO is a set of various techniques used to improve the ranking of your pages organically, ie without paying directly for an ad.

You can do SEO for your videos on YouTube to posts in your blog to your main site, in short, to any content your on the internet.

As this is a very dense subject, let’s talk just a few of the factors to make your pages bombarem in the polls, which are:

  • the quality of content on your pages,
  • content size,
  • the title,
  • the page address,
  • the use of keywords,
  • as long as the visitor is on your page,
  • the design,
  • navigability of your pages.

There are many factors to be able to improve the ranking of your content. So our advice is: Search a lot about SEO to use it in favor of your business, okay?

Ready to digital marketing?

So, after all, has already made to realize that digital marketing is a lot, is not it?

But believe me, there is one more important point for you to keep in mind: marketing goes far beyond communication strategies.

Every action that serves to create and deliver value to your audience and your niche market, while generating you income is marketing.

For example: the creation of its brand, the development of its products, pricing and distribution of them, a webinar that you do to promote your sales, and so on.

There are several digital marketing strategies, the important thing is to start testing them and emphasize those that generate the most return for your business.

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* This text was inspired by our video series on YouTube Hotmart Tips and written in collaboration with Barbara Santos.