What is CRO and how this technique can make your business grow

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO or in Portuguese, Conversion Optimization) is a structured and systematic way to improve the performance of a site, drawing more traffic to the address already has. Thus, it is possible to increase conversions without necessarily increasing the number of visitors.


Did you notice that the term CRO has been increasingly discussed by professionals and enthusiasts Digital Marketing ?

The reason for this increased interest in the concept is not for nothing: the CRO can actually improve conversions on any website, since performed with care and good analysis.

But what is it, exactly, that term?

What is CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO or in Portuguese, Conversion Optimization) is a structured and systematic way to improve the performance of a site, drawing more traffic to the address already has. Thus, it is possible to increase conversions without necessarily increasing the number of visitors.

In addition to the site itself, Landing Pages of rich materials, trial requests and Calls-to-Action can also be optimized with the technique.

Putting this concept into practice, let’s take as an example the website of a law firm. The site has a link to contact the bottom of the page and, from an average of 2,000 monthly visitors, receives 20 messages in this period. Ie only 1%. Knowing this, the site can, instead of trying to increase the number of visits, increase the click rate on the “contact us” and get more customers with the same average monthly visits.

Here at Digital results, we use this practice with various tests. An example is when we had a problem with few points of contact on the site and this made it difficult to budget requests or tests RD Station Marketing .

To solve, put some contact options with variations of call Call-to-Action in various parts of the user journey on the site.

Why CRO is important for your company?

We are living in a time in which the online market is increasingly heated and always getting new investments in this area. Thus, the competition, which was previously little has become, in some niches, as large as in the middle offline.

As a result, each passing day becomes more difficult (and thus more expensive) to generate traffic to your business, whether the price of the ads in the auction which increases or the efforts in SEO that need to be intensified.

So when the idea came CRO, quickly gained popularity among marketers, as it allows to increase the number of conversions on a website keeping the same investment in the acquisition of traffic.

As this provides increased output without increased investment in channel acquisition, a good job of CRO can impact and reduce the CAC (subscriber acquisition cost) .

Still, it is very common to hear around phrases like “my site is impeccable and has converted very well visits in Lead , do not need to invest more in CRO”. Well, this is one of the common mistakes that people make, since every site will always have room for improvement. What will determine the quantity and quality of them is their ability to delve into the details of your site through a well – analytical view.

CRO and Test A / B

A very important fact about CRO is that, as I said, no changes to your site can be based on “guesses”. More than that: it is important that any change is deliberate and mostly tested before applied.

This is because, even if some change has worked to a certain person, does not mean we will feel the effects with you. This is because the main variable CRO strategies is the public that accesses your site, and this will always have their peculiariadades from business to business.

A very common and practical model to test changes before applying them is the A / B test . This is to distribute traffic to a page also for two different versions of the same ( “A” and “B”), and A and B the original version of the version you want to test.

To track the test results effectively, you can use the Test Calculator A / B , Digital Results tool that lets you know which of the two versions is the one with greater success.

There are some very important precautions before performing an A / B. So that the data you want to spoon through the test to be sure of maximum you need to pay close attention to some details.

One of them is to ensure that the “version” to “B” version, the change made is the one. This is because if you change several elements at once, as will sure what the reason for a version perform better than the other?

Another important care is seasonality:

  • Make sure your test will last at least a week, as the audience accessing your site on a Monday can not be the same as access on a weekend. For this reason, the test becomes more reliable over time;
  • Beware holidays, anniversaries , or any event that may influence the amount and type of traffic your website will receive. As I said, CRO has as the main variable the target audience’s behavior. If this is affected by an atypical event, all the results will also be affected.

5 common mistakes of those starting

  • Statistical significance: when we started testing the first hypothesis, it is normal we get excited about the early results. It turns out that if we do not have a statistical validation, often we take wrong decisions based on irrelevant data. To help you calculate when your experiment is or is not statistically valid, use our Test Calculator A / B .
  • Apply changes that have worked for other companies: another classic mistake of those starting out is to think that what worked for other companies, will also work for you. Although the experiences of other companies are a great source of ideas, each company has its context and you need to test the likely adapt the idea to generate real results.
  • Concerned only with small elements: it is common for startups in the subject to focus in very small changes of color and position of the elements when in fact your goal is to get a clear and objective message, which facilitates for the user to find what search .
  • Do not pay attention to user behavior: in practice, CRO is to reduce unnecessary friction, ie, make the path of fluid visitor to the conversion. To give you chances of great impact to test, you need to pay close attention to user behavior within your domain. For this, we recommend the use of heat map tools and session recording, such as Crazy Egg or Inspectlet .
  • Based on guesses (especially your boss): another problem that we often see is the tallest person in the hierarchy imposing their ideas, even if based on guesses. Good chances arise from the user ‘s knowledge and behavior, as we mentioned above, and all must be tested and validated before implemented.

Want to know more about CRO?

In Digital results, as previously produced some rich content and posts that can serve as supplementary materials on the subject.

To facilitate your learning, we organize the best content on the subject in Growth Hacking and Test Kit A / B . Download and learn how to apply these methodologies in their Digital Marketing Strategy and enhance the growth of your company.

In the kit, you will find tips for finding bottlenecks that can be improved, how to analyze A / B testing and a worksheet to track your experiments.

Update yourself always on CRO and never be satisfied with the current conversion rate of your website. Remember that, as incredible as it is, you can always improve.