What Is Better In SEO, Internal Linking Or External Linking?

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Internal linking

Internal linking is important for SEO. To make sure your content can be found, only the content needs to be linked. In the original PageRank algorithm, internal and external links were equally important. This algorithm will probably have changed over time. Nevertheless, internal links are still an important ranking factor.

On top of that – or perhaps most of all – linking related content simply makes sense to your visitor. If you are interested in a specific topic, you may want to read more about the same topic on your website.

I know the meaning of links, but I usually link to my own articles (as I know these articles best).  I also tend to link to the latest articles and often forget articles I wrote some time ago. SEO – Why is internal linking important?

The internal linking feature of Yoast SEO Premium suggested that I refer to another article and one of my own articles that I almost forgot.  Both articles fit better with the blog post I wrote than the posts I would have linked to if I did not use the new tool.

When your website grows up, it’s just not possible to remember everything that you and possibly your colleagues wrote.  The internal linking tool is a great help in choosing the items that best fit your new post.  In the end, it will help you create a great page structure by connecting related content.

External link

With the help of this menu item, you create a link to external content, that is, to web pages that are outside of your web server. After you have selected ” External link ” in the ” New ” dialog box , the dialog continues accordingly. In the first two additional dialog boxes, all relevant parameters are queried.

  • Name
    Give a unique and understandable name for the new file. Note that the file name contains neither spaces nor special characters (ä, ü, ö, ß ….). This basically causes an error message. Pay attention to a consistent lower case.
  • Link URL
    Enter the URL of the page to be linked here. Do not forget to prefix the http: // .
  • If the property ” Edit properties of the new file ” has been activated, the dialog history will be extended accordingly by two further input windows. Here, the properties of the file to be created can be assigned
  • Dialog box: Properties
    Fill in all important input fields in this dialog box. Then confirm by clicking on “Finish”.