What is and how to do networking: 3 tips from Endeavor’s managing director, Allen Taylor #RDSummit

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What’s the first image who comes to your head when you hear the word networking?

If you thought about a happy hour with people excited and talking mainly exchanging business cards, know that this is a very common design.

However, the managing director of Endeavor, Allen Taylor, believes that this idea is not the meaning of networking in its entirety.

For him, networking is about finding people you want to be in your professional life, discovering how you can help them so that one day, if necessary, they will also assist. It is a relationship in which one party cares about the other.

Speaking at RD Summit 2017 Allen Taylor shared tips to make your networking more positive. Check out three of them:

Learn how to ask good questions

Ask questions that give the banks to open questions is an interview technique that journalists, for example, use a long time, and you can adopt it during networking.

So, rather than ask questions that lead to objective replicas, such as “where are you?” And “what graduated from college?”, Ask “why did you choose this career?”, “Why your company followed by x and z by the way not? “and so on.

This makes it the most natural and profound communication, not lets talk with interview ping pong guy.

Talk less and listen more

An idea complementary to the previous item is to have real interest in the other person. Unless the caller has requested and you feel comfortable to do so, do not go telling all your life story right away.

You probably have a lot of parafalar thing, and it is normal to be anxious. But it sounds more organic make interesting questions (as suggested above) and let the conversation flow naturally.   


Another way to make a good networking is finding people who can help in your professional journey as mentors.

There must be something very formal or style master Yoda. Incidentally, it is more interesting is that someone in a similar stage of career or just a little more senior than you. The idea is to ask for help when you have difficulties that these people passed shortly before, such as six months or a year.

These people can also introduce you to other interesting contacts.

Remember, networking is not about playing business cards at random, but about making professional contacts that add to his career.

Good networking!