What Is An SEO? What Is Its Importance In Digital Marketing?

What Are The Interesting Facts Of SEO?
What Are The Shocking Truths About SEO?

The Importance of SEO in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why is SEO important? Understand how a Digital Marketing Strategy with SEO can increase your sales.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is the positioning of your pages in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo

Why should a company apply this technique to sell more?

Nowadays, because of the Internet, consumer behavior has changed . Before, when someone wanted to buy something:

  • I called a friend.
  • I searched the phone lists.
  • He called directly to the company to know about products or services.

Today thanks to the Internet and thanks to search engines like Google changed the behavior of people. Today when people want to buy something go to Google and search for these services or solutions.

Today 46% of Google searches are for products or services.

Right now there are people looking for solutions that your company markets!

And your company Does it appear today in google when someone searches for the products or services that your company sells?

What should you do to make your company’s page appear among the first results?

Relevant content

You must understand the pains, challenges, objectives that your ideal buyer has in his day to day and develop relevant content such as blog article, digital offers (E-books), that heal these problems that help your ideal buyer in those matters


You must understand the keywords that your ideal buyer uses to find the solutions offered by your company.

There are tools on the Internet where you put some keywords and discover how many monthly searches there are for these terms.


Having the relevant content and understanding the keywords, you must perform the SEO.

In the titles, meta descriptions, texts, images of your website you must place the keywords that your audience uses.

With this technique, you will have good results and increase sales of your business. How? Generating more visits to your web pages of people who have the profile of your ideal buyer.