What Is A Keyword In Digital Marketing? How Important Is It For SEO?

How Important Is SEO For Digital Marketing?
Do You Think SEO Will Last?


On countless occasions you will have heard that “we are not in an era of change, but in a change of era”, perhaps because it is totally true, and we have entered fully into a digital period with no return. In that digital train in which you have to get up sooner rather than later, marketing has new nuances and you have to fight so that your company is seen by millions of people in an intercommunicated network where the consumer can also comment without limitations.

In this new online environment, SEO techniques ( Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization ) are particularly important in marketing campaigns , since they will be the way to make your content, your product or your website more visible and appear well positioned in the results of internet search engines. Let’s investigate its operation.


Confess it You rarely spend on Google page 1 when doing a search. As much as 2, and that rarely. Well, like you, the rest of humanity. Hence the importance of SEO techniques in your digital marketing strategy .

Of little use that your blog or the website of your company are fantastic if you do not get a considerable traffic of users to reach them. If potential customers do not know you exist, it will be impossible for them to buy you. To correct this small problem, it is essential that you know how search engines work, although you should keep in mind that their algorithms change periodically.

Fundamentally based SEO positioning in two variables : authority and relevance.

  • The authority refers to the popularity of a website. It is determined based on external links (from third parties to our page), both the number and the quality. A page with many quality external links will have a high authority, and will therefore appear in the first search results.
  • The relevance measures how the results offered by the search engines are adapted to the searches made by the users. If the content of the page corresponds to what the user was looking for, it will be a relevant website.


There are 2 essential points to position your company or product in the search engines: internal SEO and content.

Taking care of the internal SEO ( on page ) will make you better understand the search engines of what you are talking about. As important points are:

  • The URL, which should be friendly and include the central theme (better .com than .info or .site, as it is more easily remembered, and without scripts, if possible).
  • The title of the page must include the keyword or keyword (if it can be at the beginning), as well as the meta description, which is the one that appears below the URL on the search engine page. By keywords we understand those that your ideal client would introduce in the search engines to find a solution to their doubts or needs.
  • In the HTML headers you must also include keywords, at least in some of them.
  • Remember that search engines give more value to bold texts .
  • Add at least one optimized image that contains the keyword in the name of the image, in the labels and in the description.
  • Use external and internal links to your content (to another section of your website and to other pages outside of it). You must also get other pages to link to your site , which would be framed in the SEO offpage .

In terms of content , within your digital marketing strategy, you must meet the following characteristics to be effective:

  • Be relevant to the subject treated, which supposes an added value for the user. 
  • Avoid keyword stuffing , that is, use keywords without abusing, generating a natural style, easy to read. Long-tail types are preferable , since they are more specific and less competitive (for example, “buying high-heeled shoes” is more effective than putting only “shoes”).

With these keys you will be able to possibly gain positions in the search engines, but do not forget that if there is something that all of them value today, it is the user’s satisfaction , and that will come through adequate content and quality. Put your efforts in them.