What is a friendly URL for Google and other search engines

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Which of these addresses seem more friendly to you?

  1. resultadosdigitais.com.br/marketing-digital
  2. resultadosdigitais.com.br/x89f7h8l2k

Most people agree that it is the first choice, right?

This cleaner and organized address is called a friendly URL, and implement it in the pages of your website can help a lot in your strategy Digital Marketing .

Read on to learn more!

What is URL

For those who are not familiar with this concept, we just before we talk about what’s URL.

This acronym, which means Uniform Resource Locator (or, in Portuguese, standard resource locator) contains a virtual address. The URL of this post, for example, is https://www.resultadosdigitais.com.br/blog/url-amigavel.

A URL may indicate to a website to a computer folder, among others.

The structure of a URL is generally as follows:

  • A protocol that can be http, https, among others
  • A domain, which in our case is www.resultadosdigitais.com.br
  • A path that would be in this post / blog /
  • And a feature – what-and-URL

What is friendly URL

The friendly URL is a URL easier to understand, both for search engines and for those who access your site.

For a URL to be friendly, we must understand that the page it comes so we look at it.

This would be an example of a good URL:


Already not clear on what the page is about, passing an unprofessional idea. Most likely to end up repelling the user:


How to make a friendlier URL?

To make friendly a URL, it’s important to follow some good practices.

By separating the words, for example, prefer to use dashes (-) and no other punctuation marks such as dots or _. That’s because Google understands the hyphen as a space, separating the words properly.

also prefer lowercase letters, which are more visually clean, and do not use accents or characters that are not universal, as the cedilla (ç).

For a URL to be friendly, it should also be as short as possible and always contain the keyword related to that page. This helps both SEO as user experience, which is knowing if your page address the topic he’s researching.

In WordPress, by default whenever a site is created in the model are the URLs www.seusite.com.br/?p=123.

This can be changed easily, just go to Settings> Permanent Links on the left panel menu. You will come to this screen:

Friendly URL - Permanent Links

There are several options. For the RD blog chosen to use the “post name” because this is just the friendliest and short of all.

How to submit URL to Google

Google allows you to send the URL of your publications to be indexed more easily.

To do this, go to Google Search Console, the URL submission screen :

send url to google

Within each site checked by Google Webmaster Tools there is also another option most appropriate for indexing speed in the browser and also allow robots also follow the links on the page:

URL Friendly

In addition to sending to Google, here you can see how Google is viewing the page (ideally being equal, to avoid a penalty for practicing cloaking, a technique black hat ). For example:

URL Friendly

After sending the URL here, you can request indexing. Opens a window so:

URL Friendly

Here in DR, we use this tool and quite a few pages have already been indexed in seconds.

However, there is a monthly limit of 10 addresses for sending Crawl this URL and its direct links and 500 to Crawl only this URL.

To recap, a friendly URL helps both SEO and user experience, making your pages easier to be accessed.

Beyond this point, there are several other techniques that can be applied to your site has good results in search engines. We have assembled all the Complete Guide of SEO, a free eBook available here for download . Download and have a good learning!