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In 2017, I was scheduled to cover three events Digital Results: RD On the Road in Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo and RD Partner Day.

I made the real-time coverage on Twitter and Instagram – using the very tool Stories latter.

In this post, I will talk about the work done in Urges DR .


I am a journalist and had some court broadcast live events on the Internet, which helped me – and I imagine that accredited me – to fulfill the task. However, I had never done anything Instagram, unless selfies, jokers stories and photos of landscapes, which left me with butterflies in my stomach.

The good news, at least for me, is that the RD also had never done this kind of thing. Margin would then have to try the format, test new features, hit and miss. The goal was to get tips from the speakers of the event for those who were not there, strengthen our presence on the social network and, for good measure, convert some Leads.

(I also had a personal goal to not confuse my account with the company during the three events, I can happily report to you that did it. Whew.)

So without further ado, let the main conclusions I took cover these three events on Instagram:

1. Basic equipment

You will need a smartphone with a good camera and reliable access to the internet. I used a Samsung S8, with 12-megapixel camera. The mobile speeds the production and publication of posts and stories, which increases the feeling of real time to the followers. You can use “traditional” cameras and computer for editing, but the footprint will be another.

The telephone operator’s 4G realized making uploads without major problems, requiring only a little patience. The Wi-Fi networking events can be problematic, as it will be divided among hundreds of people, so the ideal is to have available a network with less traffic for coverage.

Here worth a mention: Instagram Live. It increases the engagement, already pulling your profile to the front row of the stories of users. Furthermore, it is now also available 24 hours for his followers. Make sure that the internet is quick, but the image will be pixelated and the sound may even disappear. What would be a cool attraction coverage may end up turning a Micao!

The cuts in photos and videos can be made directly in the application. If you want to share posts produced by participants, download Repost , which is free and easy to use.


Regarding the “human machine”, will greatly depend on the size of the event and the depth of coverage. From my personal experience I can say that it is good that only one person at a time is in charge of the Calls. If more people available, take time to organize shifts, reducing wear.

2. Have a plan is key

As with any media coverage, it is necessary to know the people with whom you will speak. Know their names, companies and specialties is the minimum. Go beyond: please their profiles on LinkedIn to know a little more about his recent interests, which may render subjects for an interview or even an icebreaker.

Also have a plan of what it will do. Though improvisation is a natural component of a real-time coverage, you can not fix everything in time. Familiarize yourself with the application possibilities, separating emoji applicable to different subjects, for example. Go with some scenario outlined for using Boomerang, which everyone likes.

Set a hashtag one for the cover and for participants to use. In RD Partner Day, there was a wide dissemination of #RDPartnerDay , including photo printing totem. It worked better than the RD On the Road with division between those using #RDOntheRoad and that BH and SP placed at the end.

3. Keep a cheat sheet

RD on the Road had an application indicating the sequence of lectures and intervals, but if your event is not, use the good old cheat sheet of paper. Both Belo Horizonte and São Paulo were more than ten speakers, with simultaneous tracks, so it was not a good relying solely on memory.

This cheat sheet can also contain preliminary notes on her subjects, you collected there in the planning phase. Remember: If you forget something, do not be embarrassed to ask. Never leave in doubt, as this will result in an incomplete information to your reader or follower.

4. Be humorous

Instagram, and especially Stories, calls for a more relaxed style posts. The application access peaks are lunch time and after 18h, when people are wanting to rest your head work. The last thing you expect, therefore, is a company forcing a sale or offering hard and boring content.

Being humorous is different from being funny. If you worry too much on making jokes, you can lose focus on what really matters, which is to cover the event and strengthen your brand. Also, humor is a very subjective business: what a person thinks grace may not make sense to another or, worse, a third offense.

So what is to be humorous? In event coverage, it is to be light without ceasing to be interesting. The OTR BH, for example, networking event:


5. Use the links Stories

Instagram has always been the weakest social network for the dissemination of links – who never used the handy little “link in bio” cast the first stone. The stories are solving, at least in part, this problem. The follower can take a swipe on the screen and have access to your page or … (sound of drums beating) A Landing Page.

Yes, you can send the right person for a Landing Page! Take care that, as in any good strategy Content Marketing , links are placed in the context. Always remember that your main goal is a pleasant experience for anyone who is following your event.

6. Prepare traceable URLs

We use the links at Stories in different ways in BH and OTR OTR SP. In Belo Horizonte, we send users to posts of Digital blog results . In São Paulo, made a preliminary selection of rich materials that would be included in the coverage of the event. No option but the simple fact that we prepare better for the second.

The difference is in the quality of the information obtained subsequently. Post-BH, we see an increase in blog traffic via Instagram. Good news, but little quantifiable, even with the significant increase. For St. Paul, prepare traceable URLs for each of rich materials – including Twitter. You must already be imagining the result.

With traceable URLs, we know exactly how many people have opened the link and how many converted. We can analyze the interest aroused in our Instagram followers to new, separate each of the materials!

The operation is simple: I created a document accessible on mobile, with sections separated by a speaker and topic. From it, I was just copy the link and paste into place the selected storie.

7. Draw attention to the links

In addition to entering the links in the context of coverage, it is a good idea to call the reader’s attention to them. Remember that many people are not yet accustomed to this feature of Instagram, then the area code to make swipe can simply go unnoticed.

In RD On the Road São Paulo, use a default background image with the logo of the event appeared every time a link in Stories. It was a way to create familiarity with the user. In addition, the text had to be short, but must hold a Call-to-Action : “download”, “download the eBook”, “slide the screen , ” etc.

You should not post links in sequence, because this can irritate the follower. Apply concepts of Inbound Marketing to your coverage, offering quality content, in this case a photo and video, before wanting to convert the Lead.

8. Do not forget the main timeline

Stories is pretty cool, stripped, allows links and all, but what is for posterity is the main timeline. In addition to photo or video, you can put larger texts in posts, still spending more information to followers.

In the event of DR , we try to combine the image of the person with an interesting sentence or last helpful tip during the lecture. It also stimulate the comments, creating a dialogue that is not possible in Stories.


Can you think, for example, a combination of both. In the RD on the Road, several speakers were kind enough to write short tips of his specialties. Some of them were used in the main timeline in the form of the text accompanying the photo.

Avoid excess threads in the timeline, as some followers may irritate. Let the excess updates for Stories, being more discerning and seeking more quality in the material to be published on the timeline.

9. Record to post

Except for scenes where movement is not occurring at all, there is no reason to record images directly to Instagram – this also applies to the Stories. You can either shoot pictures as before, selecting what was best for subsequent uploads.


Instagram Stories lets you post photos and videos recorded in the previous 24 hours. The only concern you should have is that some pictures can be cut to turn stories, so it’s a good idea to capture images at a distance slightly larger – and always vertical.

10. Let interviewed at ease

Record and then post also helps to let the respondents more comfortable. This also allows greater flexibility in time. Some speakers, for example, have rituals before you take the stage, avoiding contact with other people and concentrating. It costs strengthen: the smooth running of the event is the priority.

It is worth contacting advance who will submit via email. Send a message saying who you are and what you will be doing at the event. This will facilitate the preparation, avoiding unnecessary surprises. Oh, and is properly identified as member of the organization on the day, too.

11. Diversify content

Provide varied content to their followers, especially in terms of format. In RD On the Road SP, one of the most popular posts was a video with Mark Piangers . He went to the Stories, but it was so cool that also posted on the main timeline. See below:


With Photos, Videos, Stories, Boomerangs and everything, coverage earn dynamics and instigates who is accompanying the engage. Record the lectures, the details of the coffee break , the conversations of the participants, finally, show that has a lot going on.

also vary the angles of the images, while respecting lighting. And remember that there is no more photographic film, then you can make dozens of flashes to select the photo in which the character became more aesthetically pleasing.

Use creativity to take advantage of application possibilities, making your event even more interesting!


Even with all the preparation in the world, unexpected things happen. So keep an eye to what is happening around you. In addition, there are many interesting stories waiting to be told by nice people.

Follow your plan of action, but allow yourself to feel the mood of the event to add spice to your coverage. The participation of the people that are in place can also yield good ideas, so it pays to keep an eye on what they are posting.

Finally, take some time when everything is calmer to enjoy the posts of people who used the hashtag. It is a way to honor those who did, besides being an implicit invitation to enjoy the company profile.

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